You will end on a good note, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE

You will end on a good note, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE

As a child I love gospel music. All gospel music are good, but to me in those days, the type of gospel music I loved most are those that started on a high tempo and continued till the end, or those that started slowly and later graduated to ending with a high tempo, both of which would normally generate a loud applause. They are different from those that end without one noticing that they have come to an end already.

That reiterates the word of God which states that the beginning of a thing does not matter, but the end of it (Eccl. 7:8).

Ecclesiastes 7:8

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

I don’t know how 2014 started for you, but I pray it will certainly end on a good note in Jesus name.

In I Sam. 9:1-20, Saul and his father’s servant started a difficult journey that lasted for over three days. They were looking for Saul’s father missing donkeys. They went from place to place until their food was finished, still without any result.

As Saul was about to call off the search, an idea inspired by God emerged from the servant. The idea did not only give Saul comfort and assurance that the donkeys have been found, it also introduced Saul to what he and his family would never have thought about or imagined in their lifetime – he was anointed to become the first king of Israel.

– May you receive in this month every blessing you may have missed in the earlier part of this year

– May all your efforts pay off big time.

– May you not quit at the edge of your breakthrough

– May God surround you with people that will make you end well.

– May God surprise you with supernatural provision

– May you always be on time for your divine appointments.

– May your heart not be set on disappointments of yesterday, but on the promotion of tomorrow.

– May you enjoy your today and cherish your tomorrow.

– This month, may you receive more desirable answers than what you are expecting.

In II Chro 14:1-15, the bible tells us about King Asa of Judah. He reigned for 41 years. He was said to be a good king for the first 35 years of his reign. He destroyed the altars of Baal and put an end to idol worshipping. He ran to God when Ethiopia came with huge Army and he got victory.

In the 36th year of his reign however, he derailed. He sought the help of Ben-Hadad king of Syria rather than God when the bigger nation of Israel was planning to fight them. God sent a prophet (Hanani) to warn him; instead of repenting, he imprisoned the prophet and repressed certain people. So God cursed him that he will be fighting wars from then on.

He again sought the help of man in his 39th year of reign when he was sick. He actually ended on a bad note with God, though his subjects gave him a befitting burial. The last six years of his life was a tragedy (II Chro 16:1-13)

– In the days remaining in this year, you will not derail.

– You will not put your trust in the arm of flesh.

– You will listen and do whatever God has instructed you to do.

– You will not waste the remaining time in this month in fighting wars.

– You will not spend the remaining days in this year in sickness.

– The tail end of this year shall not be a tragedy for you.

You will end on a good note, by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE was delivered on December 14th 2014.