TEXT : MATTEW; 25:1-30; JOHN;21:1-17, I JOHN 2:18-29.

A Task is a piece of work to be done or carried out ,the synonyms includes, job,duty,assignment, commission to he carried out to mention but a few. As this is our month of recommitment and rededication, I want to believe that in one way or the other we need this done,and is as soon as possible.

This morning we shall be seeking the kingdom of God first ,as commanded in matt 6 vs 33,believing that as we do that ,all other things shall be added on to us as promised.

So we shall be going through a brief period of teachings and as that is going on , Jesus being in the house,who can decide to do anything at anytime during the service may decide to release all forms of healings (physical,spiritual,emotional,pscological)and all sort of deliverance and liberations. inJesus name.

I tell you our God is reliable,very reliable, I mean absolutely reliable.

what you will hear or see this morning is not coming from any man but from God. So it is not about the man of God,or about the boy of God or about the child of God ,but its all about God. Because the bible says in John 1vs 16 of His fulness we have all received,can I hear your amen.

Mattew 25 vs 1-30, talks about the 10 virgins, where five of them were foolish and five wise and also the three servant where by one was unprofitable amongst them.

This passage points out plainly that you can be a believer and still be foolish or unprofitable,as it were,l pray that wil not be our lots in Jesus name.Amen.

one of the ways this could be is not obeying the commandments of the Lord e.g, the one He commanded in the book of mark 16vs 15-19.

The door was shot against the five foolish virgins,that means they were unable to take part in the marriage ceremony of the Lord.

In similar manner,the unprofitable servant was casted out into outer darkness were there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My sincere prayer is that we shall belong to any of this group in the mighty name of Jesus.

In John 21 vs 1-17: Here Jesus appeared to His disciples the third time after that He was risen from the dead.
l want to believe this was done essentially for the restoration of Simon peter. I was just wandering what would have happened to peter if the Lord has not come to restore him. Because he has abadoned the great commission the Lord gave to him and went back to where the Lord has has delivered him from .vs 3 peter said I go a fishing.

This is applicable to many of us,as we have abadoned the great commission either partially or in full, and now we have put the all other things first as peter did,I pray by the mercy of the Lord as we rededicate and recommit today the good Lord will restore us back fully in Jesus name.

As operating outside God’s will is all frustrations and sorrows unlimited,imagining a professional fisherman like peter fishing all night and did not catch a single fish.This is a reminder of what the Lord said, that without me ye can do nothing.

Interestingly enough what peter and the other disciples were looking for was already on the platter of gold waiting for them,as the good Lord has made ready for them breakfast which comprises of fish and bread.

Finally,the book of l John 2 vs 18-29, alarted us about the period we were in ,saying in vs 18,that little children,it is the last time,other version says it is the last hour,and if it is the last hour since over two thousand years ago,are we right if we insinuate that this is the last minutes of the last hour,and therefore the need to carry out the Lord’s commandment is of uttermost priority,if not l am afraid we risk what happens to the five foolish virgin and the unprofitable servant,I pray that will not be our portion in Jesus name.

There is certainly enough room for everybody in God’s harvest field. The bible says that the harvest is plentious but labourers are few,and again says many are called but few are choosen,the implication of this according to revelation is that,though the harvest is plentious,it’s only a few believers that makes themself available in God’s harvest field.

Brothers and Sisters,it’s time to get busy in God’s business and submit to His will as His heart beat is all about salvation/redemption.

On this may l sound a note of warning that with or without you the work of the Lord will not stop,and there will always be progress,God has nothing to loose as far as I know,but we have everything at stake, l pray we shall not loose out in Jesus name.(Amen).

The best you can do as a disciple of Jesus is to speak the word of God to the ears of somebody,the Holy spirit is the one that will transport it to the heart,conviction takes place and then salvation follows.

May the Lord assist us in Jesus name.

To the ones that is not yet born again, I recommend to you Romans 10 vs 9-10.

God bless you all in Jesus name.