September 2020 Theme: Foundations Strengthened

September 2020 Theme: Foundations Strengthened

Foundation can be defined as ‘the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level; it is the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests; it is the basis or groundwork of anything; it is something that gives rise to or supports something else’; etc.


Strengthen can be defined as ‘to make or become stronger; to build up; give strength to; make healthy; nourished; reinforce; buttress; harden; fortify; toughen; beef up; etc.


In construction, foundation is the main reasons behind the stability of any structure. The stronger the foundation, the more stable is the structure.  The proper foundation distributes load unto the surface of the bed uniformly, which help avoid unequal settlement of the building.


The city of Jericho is in the Palestine Region. It is bordered by Jordan River to the East and Jerusalem to the West. It is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and the city with the oldest known protective walls in the world. The word ‘Jericho’ means ‘fragrant’. It is 258m below sea level in an oasis in the Jordan valley, making it the lowest city in the world. This affords Jericho rich alluvial soils and abundant spring water that made it an attractive place for settlement.


It was the first city that Joshua and his men fought against as they proceeded to Canaan, after crossing the Jordan River. God told Joshua that the city was accursed, and so, after they overran the city, Joshua further pronounced curses upon it, to its foundations i.e. its fragrance (Jos. 6: 17-26).


King Hiel of Bethel rebuilt the foundation of Jericho many years later at the cost of his first and last sons (I Kings 16: 34); and yet Jericho was still suffering from foundational issue of barrenness, despite occupying a strategic location. It took the double portion anointing of Prophet Elisha to override the curses of Joshua and strengthened the foundations of Jericho; such that its fragrance began to ooze out again (2 Kings 2: 18-22).


In this month and henceforth, the Spirit of God has laid in my heart that He will strengthen our foundations. That which support the ‘building’ of our lives; families and church shall be strengthened. Any area of our lives and the church that is still bitter, barren, and sick shall be made sweet, fruitful, and whole in Jesus name. The real ‘fragrance’ of our lives and the church will ooze out unstoppably from now in Jesus name.