The Bible is full of ‘ear tingling stories’, for example:

The illiterate fishermen who became the greatest philosophers and miracle workers of their time (Acts 4:13);

Saul who became Paul, persecutor of Jesus Christ who became the persecuted for Christ (Acts 9: 1-20);

Moses, the inadequate and speech impaired who became a terror to the greatest emperor of his time, and a quiet person who led over a million stubborn people for 40 years (Ex. 10: 16-17);

The 90 years old Sarah who became pregnant and delivered of a baby boy naturally (Gen. 21: 1-7);

The virgin called Mary who became pregnant without sexual intercourse and gave birth to the Messiah (Mt. 1: 18-25);

A whale swallowing up a disobedient prophet and later commanded by God to vomit him ashore when he repented (Jonah 1, 2); etc.

So, in I Sam. 3: 11, God told Samuel that He was about to do something that will tingle both ears of those who will hear it. He was going to reverse what He had promised that the Levites will be priests forever (I Sam. 2:30) and so introduced someone from another tribe entirely!

This month of September, God will orchestrate and publish ‘ear tingling stories’ about Everlasting Father’s Assembly positively. Stories that will seem like fabrication or untrue will God physically demonstrate in our midst in Jesus name.