Respect & Honour: Deeper Insights, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Respect & Honour: Deeper Insights, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Text: Romans 13:7

  • It means that there are people we must respect, and there are those we must honour.
  • Failure to do so is a transgression of the law. Every transgression of the law is sin.
  • Disobedience to this law is a root cause of many problems: whether in homes; in churches and even in societies. God wants us to have respect and honour for Him and others.

What is Respect?

  • Respect is a positive feeling of admiration for a person or other entity for their specific actions and conduct that merits such respect. E.g. respect of a nation that cares for its citizens.
  • Respect is given to an entity for what they do or what they have done in the past. E.g. Military.
  • A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. E.g. Olympic champ.
  • Respect is usually earned by demonstrating certain attributes: mastery; courage; compassion; intelligence; etc.

Biblical examples of respect given

  • Joseph Aramateaus – Mark 15: 43
  • Cornelius – Acts 10:22
  • In your family, church and society, what are doing to respect people and be a person of respect?

What is Honour?

  • It is to recognise and show public admiration for someone and showing them respect, as that shown for special merit; and giving recognition or esteem to those who deserve it. E.g Firefighters; Royals.
  • Honour is higher than respect, by one’s judgement, an individual might not qualify for one’s respect; honour however must still be given. E.g. a person abandoned by their parent as a child.
  • Every person given honour; should be also be respected. E.g. Couples

Biblical examples of honour given

  • Haman honoured Mordecai as commanded – Esther 6:10-12
  • Joshua had honour bestowed upon him by Moses – Numbers 27:16-23
  • Do you present yourself as a person of honour? Who can you not honour?

Who should I respect and honour?  1. God

(Psalms 22: 23; Isaiah 29:13; Rev. 4 10-11)

How to honour God

  • With our time (Ps. 144:4; Isaiah 58:13-14; Col. 4:5)
  • With our talents/Gifts/Abilities/Skills (Mt. 25:14-30)
  • With our body (I Cor. 6: 18-20).
  • With our substance (Prov. 3:9; Mt. 6:21; Mal. 3:10).
  • From our heart (Isaiah 29:13; Prov. 3:5; Psalms 51:10
  • In our character (James 1: 19-20; Prov. 6: 16-19; Ps. 35: 28).

Why should I honour God?

There are rewards for doing so:

  • Enjoy Divine honour – I Sam. 2:30
  • Enjoy Divine abundance – Prov. 3:9-10
  • Enjoy unimaginable favour – I Kings 3:3-14
  • Enjoy Divine stardom – I Sam. 17: 31-37

Who should I respect and honour? 2. Parents

(Pro. 23: 22; Ex. 20:12; Ephes. 6: 2-3).

How to honour your parents

  • Forgive them
  • Talk to them
  • Speak peaceable with them
  • Speak well of them to others
  • Support them in their old age
  • Provide for them
  • Appreciate their wisdom

Why should I honour my parents?

  • It is one of the top 10 commandments of God. (Ex. 20:12)
  • For long life and prosperity (Dt. 5:16).
  • For your own children to honour you. (Gen. 8:22)

Who should I respect and honour? 3. Spouse

  • I Peter 3: 1-7; Ephes 5:33

How to honour your spouse

  • Understand their view of honour
  • Greet them
  • Don’t compare them with someone else’s spouse.
  • See them as an asset to you.
  • Be faithful to them, even when things are not rosy.
  • Listen to their suggestions.
  • Don’t demean them in public.
  • Help them to grow.

Why should I honour my spouse?

  • It is a command from God.
  • So that your prayers will be answered. (I Peter 3:7).
  • You are being watched by all. (2 Cor. 3:2-3).
  • Your children will copy you. (Gen. 18:18-19).
  • Who should I respect and honour? 4. Spiritual leaders

(I Tim. 5: 17; I Thes. 5: 12).

How to honour your spiritual leader

  • Don’t speak bad of them in private and in public. Go to them instead (Num. 27: 1-11).
  • Don’t engage in doing other things when they require your attention. (2 Kings 5: 20-27).
  • Appreciate them with material gifts. (I Cor. 9:9-12).
  • Don’t talk bad about what they have (Num. 12:1-2).
  • Assist them (2 Kings 3: 11).

Who should I respect and honour? 5. The elderly

(Lev. 19: 32; Mt. 7:12).

Who should I respect and honour? 6. Your boss & Civil rulers

(I Tim. 6: 1; Romans 13: 1-7).

Who should I respect and honour? 7. One another

(I Peter 2: 17; Rom. 2: 10; Phil 2: 3).

Who should I respect and honour? 8. Children & Young ones

(Ephes. 6:4).

How to honour our children and young ones

  • Show them affection
  • Speak affirmative words to them
  • Make them a priority/important
  • Spend quality time with them
  • Appropriate discipline

Are you guilty of any? Not too late to start now

  • Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 3: 13-15, 28-30). First dishonoured God, bur changed.
  • The siblings of Jephthah and the elders of Israel also changed (Judges 11: 1-11).

Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye on the Special Family Service on November 10, 2019.