By Revd. J. O. Adeboye
Text:- Gen 26: 18-33
Isaac dug wells that his father had dug before in order to give their flocks and family to drink. Just like you need certain things that your family require. When the first well was dug, as soon as reached water, the Philistine heard and came to possess it. They claimed that the well belonged to them and so Isaac called it Esek and left it for them. Esek means contention; strive; quarrel. Are you here and men are quarrelling with you over what God has given you? Don’t be afraid, the Bible says, “whatever the Lord doeth, it shall be forever”. There is no man that can add or subtract from it. I declare that the blessings of God upon your life to be irreversible in Jesus name. Every attempt of men to reverse your blessings be met with the Divine judgement of God. Your blessings will be permanent in Jesus name.
Isaac experience contentions, strive, and quarrel on the fruit of his own effort. So he left if for the Philistines and dug another well. Surprisingly, the Philistines came after Isaac struck water and claimed that the well belong to them again. Then Isaac gave it a name and called the place Sitnah, which means hatred, jealous, enmity, accusation. I don’t know if you are going through any of these for no just cause. May be people just hate you for no reason, they are jealous of you or make themselves your enemy for no just reason. Perhaps they even point fingers of accusations at you, saying that you did things you have not done. God will deliver you from them in Jesus name.
Isaac had battles to fight, but God made him to triumph. The good news I bring to you this day is that whatever the contentions of men, their jealousy and hatred against your life; or even false accusations against your destiny; you will triumph in Jesus name.
Isaac moved away from there and dug another well. This time God didn’t let the Philistine strive with him. So it was that ‘contention’ became tired and ceased. God weakened the ability of the men of Philistine to fight with Isaac. The Almighty is going to incapacitate your adversaries in Jesus name. all those that use darkness as cover and shoo arrows of trouble, impossibility, limitations into your life, the Almighty will break their power and their arrows will be destroyed by the fie of the Holy Ghost.
The name of the new well was called Rehoboth, which means spacious, roomy, enlargement. That is where God is taking you to in Jesus name. Nobody will contend with you with your ‘well’ in Jesus name. God will enlarge you and Everlasting Father’s Assembly in Jesus name.
They were also given the promise of fruitfulness by God. God added another well to them and Isaac called it Sheba, which means good fortune, fullness, satisfaction, abundance. Peradventure you had been under any ill luck; God will turn all those ill luck to good fortune in Jesus name. Every power working against your head to be destroyed by God. May all misfortune attached to your life be changed to fortune in Jesus name. May God satisfy you with His goodness and abundance.
There are some here that their eyes had seen many evil in life; I prophesy to you that from today, you will only see God’s glory, goodness and greatness in Jesus name. Things can only get better from now on for you.
The life of David was similar to that of Isaac. He had a great destiny. He enjoyed three fold ministries: a warrior; a king and a Psalmist to God. He however had a lot of battles to fight in life.
In Psalm 120:2, he said the sort of people that gathered around him. May be you have been surrounded by lying lips and deceitful tongues. People speak evil propaganda against you to malign your integrity and character. Possibly people you have been a blessing to have been sponsored to lie against you. The Lord will wipe away the effect of such from your life. May every arrow of evil repayments against you be destroyed by the Blood of Jesus. For every man that is supposed to your friend that has turned against you, God will raise people in their stead in Jesus name.
In Psalm 120:6-7, David lived among those who hate peace. When he is speaking peace, the people wanted war. Is it your spouse or children that is speaking war against you like David experienced? God will change the situation for you. May be its friends that are doing that to you. May God reverse the trend. You will no longer drink from the cup of affliction and bitterness; rather you will drink from the cup of God’s goodness and mercy in Jesus name.
In Psalm 18:16-18, David was rescued by God from powerful enemies that were stronger than him. God is rising on your behalf. He will deliver you. No matter the strength, cunny and craftiness of your enemies, God will rescue you.
In Psalm 68:1, David called on God to arise and scatter His enemies. Your enemies are God’s enemies. The Lord will not spare them in Jesus name. Every enemy of Everlasting Father’s Assembly be scattered by God in Jesus name.
In Psalm 18:19, David declared that God brought him into a large place. God will set you in a large place. From now on, Everlasting Father’s Assembly can only get better in Jesus name.
Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Revd. J.O Adeboye