RCCG EFA Leeds January 2016 Theme – Arising Glory

RCCG EFA Leeds January 2016 Theme – Arising Glory

According to Wikipedia, Glory is said to relate to the Latin word gloria which means fame and honour. It is used to denote manifestation of God’s presence in the Christian religious tradition. It is one of the most common words in the bible used that is used to translate the Hebrew words of Hod (majesty, splendour) and Kabod (weight, heaviness and importance).

God is Most Glorious; everyone born in the image of God ought to manifest part of that glory. However, the expression of the glory of God upon a man can be in defined in three ways: Extinct; Dormant or Active. In other terms, it could be said to be Dead; Asleep or Alive.

Several factors can determine the state of that glory upon the life of a man. Things like the person’s level of spirituality; spiritual wickedness opposing him, ignorance, diligence, pride, family background, godliness, favour, etc. are determinants.

As a result of pride, the glory of King Saul went from asleep to alive and then to dead. While as a result of godliness and favour, the glory of David went from dead to asleep and to active.

In this first month of 2016, certain glory that appeared dead will come alive; those glory that are asleep will be awoken and those that are rising already will yet rise more in Jesus name. The glory of the church as a whole will arose out of obscurity in Jesus name.