Peace – A Segment of the Fruit of The Spirit, by Brother Arinze Ngonadi

If you are asked to close your eyes and think deeply about something or someone that brings you peace, a lot of people might go to their significant others, their children, a place or even food. As much as these things do bring peace, they all have one thing in common. That is that they are all temporary. The peace derived from these things is momentary and fleeting. True peace, everlasting peace comes from Jesus. This period we are in is the dispensation of grace and because God cannot behold sin, when we sin, what God sees is Jesus interceding for us. With Jesus in our lives, everything changes. For example, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey everything about that donkey changed and now because of that one donkey, previously thought to be for the poor and less privileged, every wasted donkey everywhere are celebrated even till today. Why? It’s because that donkey had Jesus. Peace has four main types:

– False peace
– Inner peace
– Peace of God
– Peace with man

Peace is simply a gift from God that stems from obedience and faith.
In the Old Testament, peace referred to relationships between people, nations, and God with men while in the New Testament Jesus came and changed how we define peace. Peace in the New Testament refers to rest and security.

Today, we still use peace as a form of greeting. Regardless of race or gender, peace is universal. This is why when Jesus was leaving he said to his disciples that he leaves them his peace and they are to share that with others.

The most important thing to know is that peace is not external. That conviction has to come from within. With this, your mind, body, soul, and spirit will be at rest in trying times.

In the book of Psalm, Chapter 91 verse 7, David believed that no matter how many fell on his side, he knew nothing could harm him because God was with him. In Psalm 23, he believed that even though he walks to the valley of the shadow of death, nothing again could harm him. Why? Because God was with him and this gave him peace.

Today it is important to find peace as that is what God commands us to do but carefully. Today, peace can be used manipulatively and create a false sense of security. It is important to discern what is what and seek the peace that comes from God.

In conclusion, Romans chapter 8 verse 6 says that letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death but a mind controlled by the spirit leads to life and peace. I pray that the peace of God be with you and all your loved ones, in your place of work and every aspect of your life. Always remember, much like that donkey, when Jesus is with you, you will be celebrated.

The sermon, Peace – A Segment of the Fruit of The Spirit, by Brother Arinze Ngonadi, was delivered on 19th November 2017 at the Special New Workers/Talent Service.