October 2021 Theme: Divine Purification

October 2021 Theme: Divine Purification

Purification can be defined as ‘the act of cleaning by getting rid of impurities; the process of removing impurities from something; a ceremonial cleansing from defilement or uncleanness by the performance of appropriate rites; or the act of purging of sin or guilt through repentance. Divine purification happens when the cleansing is of God or by God, in order that His purpose and intent might be fulfilled.

There are many substances that can be used either for physical or spiritual purification. Sponge, soap and water can be used (Ex. 29:4); the word of God can be used (Eph. 5: 25-28); the fire of the Holy Ghost can also be used for purification (Mal. 3: 1-4).

No one will want to use an unclean vessel for something meaningful, they will rather look for a purified vessel to use. When Elisha heeded the call of the people of Jericho to heal their land, he asked them to bring him some salt inside a purified vessel. It was with these that he healed the land of Jericho, such that their water became sweet and their soil became fruitful (2 King 2: 19-22).

In the same vein, the Almighty God only receives praises and worship from holy hands and decent people (I Tim. 2: 8-10). He wants those who minister unto Him to be pure vessels (2 Tim. 2: 20-22). He also demands that those who will abide with Him must be purified vessels (Psalms 15: 1-5).

Since there is physical (external) purification and spiritual (internal) purification. It is true that when one is impure physically, it will be obvious, so man usually pays attention to physical purification. The spiritual impurity however is usually not that obvious, and while no one may know, except the individual, God however sees and knows all things.

God, therefore, expects us as His children to keep examining and purging ourselves, for us to be able to see Him in glory (2 Cor. 7: 1). May the willingness, commitment and grace for continual Divine purification be permanent in our hearts, in our deeds and in our midst in Jesus mighty name.