Beam can be defined as a ray or shaft of light coming from a bright object, e.g. Sun, Headlamp, etc.

On motorcars, there are usually 3 types of headlamp rays: Dim Lights (side lights), Dipped Beam and Full Beam. The Dim lights make other people to be aware of one’s presence. The Dipped Beam is bright enough to light the road when it’s dark. They can also be used in harsh weather conditions. Full Beam however is used to improve vision and see farther when driving very late at night and when it’s very dark. So the Full Beam is more powerful rays compared to the other two.

He that seated in heaven can decide to put His Dim Lights on a fellow to start with; this can be increase to Dipped Beam, and can then progress to Full Beam.

The life of Joseph in the bible can be likened to a ray of light that progresses from a dim light to a full beam. He started enjoying favour at an early stage from his father’s house (Gen. 37:3). Then between 17 to 30 years of age, his life can be likened to a dipped beam as he enjoyed favour with Potiphar and the Chief Warder (Gen. 39:2-4, 21-23). However, at 30 years of age, his life received a heavenly full beam. Within few hours, his destiny changed from a prisoner to the Prime Minister in a foreign land. He became the main dictator in Egypt, with the king just ratifying whatever Joseph said! (Gen. 41:39-46).

As we entered into the last quarter of 2015, I hear the switch of the heavenly full beam turned on upon Everlasting Father’s Assembly. In this month, we will see more clearly and further ahead. The reflection of heaven upon us will shine brighter and our rays will cover more ground. God will also widen our horizon. The heavenly full beam will also blind the vision of any intimidating force that might want to affect us negatively in Jesus name.