November 2019 Theme – The Righteous Judge

November 2019 Theme – The Righteous Judge

Righteous can be defined as an attribute of a person or conduct that is morally right; justifiable; virtuous; very good; excellent; upright; honest; faultless; blameless; sinless; pure; just; uncorrupted; etc.

A Judge is someone who makes decision or estimate as to the worth, quality or fitness of a thing or person; a public official who hears and decides cases brought in court, or in a forum other than a court; or one appointed to decide the winner of a contest or competition; etc.

There are many Judges in biblical times; in recent history and in our time; who have tried their very best to be just in giving judgements and decisions; e.g. Prophet Samuel (I Sam. 12:1-5). However, there is only one Being who can answer to the name “The Righteous Judge”. He is the Lord God Almighty.

God judges between individuals (I Sam. 24:1-22); between peoples (Gen. 30: 25-43); between nations (Judg. 11: 4-33); and even between couples (Gen. 16: 1-16, 21: 9-21). His judgements are just and righteous (Psalms 9:8).

The bible makes us to know that the Israelites sojourned in Egypt for about 430 years; 300 of which must have been in serious hardship (Ex. 1: 8-16). The sufferings of the Children of Israel became more and more unbearable, so they cried out unto The Righteous Judge, who came to their rescue. God sent Moses with great power to deliver them from affliction, sorrow and bondage. When they were going out, they spoiled the Egyptians. All their labours of possibly 300 years were paid for in less than 24 hours; such that the Israelites left in haste with great riches (Ex. 12: 28-36). God later gave them a land that is flowing with milk and honey; a land that had been built; and fields that had been cultivated as their inheritance!

Biblically, the number 11 can mean disorder, chaos and judgement. God has impressed it upon my spirit that He will facilitate the right justice for us where necessary. He will organise deliverances for us with His mighty power. He will rescue us from affliction, sorrow and bondage. For the years we have wasted; God will replace them with huge opportunities; open doors and achievements. He will also compensate us with exciting inheritance from Him, such that the heathen will know that the One who is called The Righteous Judge has done all these things for us.