Sleeping is something that virtually all living organism observe. Humans, animals and even plants (stomata) do sleep. Through sleep, zoological organism’s lost energy is replenished; the brain gets to rest; dead tissues are replaced; physical growth is experienced; etc.

It is interesting to note that gods do sleep as well! In the land of Egypt, when Moses and Aaron were declaring the power of God by bringing down plaques upon the people, the Bible said the magician of Egypt would replicate the same thing too. But when it came to the 3rd plaque of lice, the gods of Egypt went to sleep (Ex. 8:16-19).

Also at the context on Mount Carmel, when Elijah was faced with the 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah; the God that would send fire from the sky and consume their prepared sacrifice was to be acclaimed God by all!

The prophet of Baal agreed to the contest because they believed their god would send the fire or has sent such fire before. Unfortunately, on that fateful day, Baal was asleep. So it happened that the God of Elijah was acclaimed the Living God (I Kings 18:18-39).

Psalm 121:4 tells us that the God of Israel does not sleep nor slumber. This is great news to us who believe in this God. It means that we are enjoying 24/7 heavenly surveillance and nothing can happen to us that is unknown to God.

In this month of May, the Almighty God will be very active in our lives; He will not let anything bad happen to us; He will also answer us promptly whenever we call upon Him in Jesus name.