March 2019 Theme – Uncommon Revelations

March 2019 Theme – Uncommon Revelations

Uncommon can be defined as “out of the ordinary; unusual; rare; unconventional; unexpected; unfamiliar; extraordinary; outlandish; etc”. While revelation can be defined as, “a surprising and previously unknown fact (especially one that is made known in a dramatic way); a disclosure; divulgence; report; news; leak; etc”.

Three of the seven Spirits of God are Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding (Isaiah 11:2). So, no one can boast of having the possession any of these; as they all come from God.

Even though we see the traits of any or combination of these in men; God seldom bestows uncommon measures of them on whom He favours. As a matter of fact, God can endow the life of a man with His Spirit to operate in an uncommon way in any of these dimensions; such that the individual will become a marvel to mankind (Daniel 6:1-3).

In Daniel 2:1-49, the Bible tells us that King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt and forgot his dream. All he could recollect was that the dream was troubling, so he summoned all his wise men, magicians, astrologers, sorcerers to reveal his dream and also interpret it. That if they failed to do so, he would cut them in pieces and turn their houses into dunghill.

The people made the king understand that no mortal can disclose the dream of another; except one has entered the calibre of gods. That the wisest of men can only interpret. The king then sought to kill all the wise men in the land. At this point, Daniel and his friends prayed to God; that same night the dream was relayed to Daniel and its interpretation as well. King Nebuchadnezzar was so stunned hearing his dream and interpretation from Daniel that he got up from his throne and worship Daniel and also asked that burnt offering be sacrificed to him. King Nebuchadnezzar made Daniel great; gave him many gifts; made him a ruler over all the Provinces of Babylon and also the Chief of Governors over all the wise men of Babylon.

As we approach the end of this month of February, God spoke to me and said, “Son, I will now begin to disclose to you uncommon revelations”. I am told that the spirit of outstanding, extraordinary, unusual, out of the ordinary, rarity will rest upon us. That from now, what we will achieve and enjoy will simply be uncommon and out of the ordinary. May this grace rest upon the whole Assembly in Jesus name.