Let The Bottle Break, by Apostle Godspower Udjor

Let The Bottle Break, by Apostle Godspower Udjor

Bible Text: Songs of Solomon 1:3
God does not guess, He doesn’t roll dice and he doesn’t make mistakes. Before today God already knew I will be here today. Because God does not make mistake, someone is going to be blessed today, someone is about to leave the backside and move to the front stage today. I am here today because of someone.

It doesn’t take God long to do big things, and today He will do what only Him can do and He would be glorified. It is our month of favour and God is about to give you the key that will make life easier. When God favours you; men are under compulsion to help you. They do not have to like you to bless you. They will bless you before they realize they do not want to bless you.

The Bible says the people of God cried to the Lord, God said I have heard the cry of my people and I have come down .The people never saw God but they saw Moses. The only reason I am here today is because somebody cried and I am here with the answer.

The Bible says in Songs of Solomon 1:3

“Because of the savour of thy good ointments, thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee”.

I got this message just I was about to come here this morning. I had prayed and thought all through the night but no message but just as I was dressed to come here; I heard the voice of the Lord and said there is somebody here today whose life has been stagnant but henceforth you are about to enter another dimension. The message I bring for you today is “Let the Bottle Break”

Every body’s life is like a perfume. Whether cheap or designer, if you do not spray it no one will perceive it. Now all the devil wants to do is to keep you in the bottle so no one can and will perceive you. There are people that ought to have married and settle down but no man or woman can perceive them. There is someone reading this you have cried too much; every time people look at you they think you are okay. However, right inside your spirit you are asking why and when. But I bring you good news, the bottle is about to break.

When a person is still inside the bottle, you will do all the job but they will tell someone else thank you, you have all the qualifications but you will still be denied. I tell you today; that bottle is about to break. The greatest mistake Satan made is to allow you to come to Church today and hear this message. After church today people will look at you and wonder what has happened to you. And you will reply “this is the Lords’ doing and it is marvellous in our sight”.

When a person is still inside the bottle two questions lingers in the person’s life

  1. Why me? – I do not know who I am speaking to but last night I saw someone sitting on the bed unable to sleep, wondering Why me ? Especially when people look up to you and you have nobody to look up to. You are asking God Why me? Why me in this predicament, why me in this situation? By the time the service is over your story will be changed.

Who do you want to tell how lonely you feel? Though you are married but you are still lonely. Who do you want to tell that you work so hard but have nothing to show for it? Who do you want to tell why you cannot travel to your home country? I do not know who am talking to but the Lord said your last cry is the very last. In the realm of the Spirit there is a shift right now.

Whoever is taking your space is about to give you chance.

When you go to certain functions there are certain seats that are tagged “Reserved Seat”. If someone else seat there, by the time you arrive they will tell the person to stand up that the real owner has come. I tell you today whoever is seating on your seat stands up because you have arrived to take your seat.

When “why me” becomes too painful and nothing seems to change then the second question comes

  1. How Long? There are certain places you do not go to not because you owe somebody but because you are ashamed. I emphasize to you now, if the bottle breaks your value will break forth.

You cannot hide someone wearing a perfume. When you lock a man wearing perfume inside a room, the scent comes out of the keyhole. Do you know it is a mistake to use basket to cover smoke? Wherever they have covered your destiny, they will go back there they will not find you there because you have broken forth today.

The Bible says in Songs of Solomon 1:3 “…Because of the savour of thy good ointments, thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee”. …” all the devil is doing is to cover your scent because your scent is your favour.

I tell you a fact, Satan is not fighting you, he is fighting your name, he is not fighting your complexion but your name. There are places that names are called and qualifications are forgotten. There are also places that no matter how qualified you are they will say “please don’t employ him. Have you not seen people suffering because of their family name that they have to go and change it?

The Bible says, the Lord said to Abraham “I would make thy name great”. The bible says about the Lord Jesus “… for I have given Him a name above every other name …”.

Today we are not going to spray the perfume we are going to break it. When we break a bottle the perfume envelopes the room immediately. By the time the scent comes upon your life, people will sniff you off, business, jobs, and contracts, will find you out. Do you know that all Jacob needed to do was to steal Esau scent? The father said “who is this …?” he said “… it is me, I am your son Esau …” The man was not satisfied and said come closer let me smell you. It will take the smell to provoke the favour.

I was praying for a girl some time ago and God opened my eyes to see a woman carry her picture and poured urine on it. What happen was she will be the one the men see and trace to the compound. But when the men come they will see her friend and marry them. So although she is wearing physical perfume but nobody can perceive her.

When your scent is still in the bottle, you will do what other people do to get result and still you will not get the result. Someone is singing British is hard, situations are difficult another person is buying house and doing good why? The perfume is still in the bottle.

When your bottle breaks anywhere you put your leg people who know someone has come. There are so many ideas that produce wealth that minds have not thought of. I have seen where nobodies become somebody overnight. Within my 30years of Ministry been a full time Pastor I have seen God do things. There was a time in my life; I was asking God Did you call me or flash me? Nothing was working, I had prayed, fasted but nothing was working still. How many of you understand the frustrations of unanswered prayer? I will go and preach to people, pray for them; miracles will happen but in my life nothing was working. Then one day April 16, 1995, I got back from Church and I heard this voice “Do you want a change in your destiny? Do you want a change in your life? I said yes, he said break the bottle. For 2 weeks same questions and same instruction and I asked by the 3rd week “Lord which Bottle? Listen to me “praying for favour doesn’t bring favour. God is about to do for you what will make you a wonder. The bible says “…. thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee”. ….

When a man’s ways pleases the lord he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.. “

One of our church members after a favour service like this; I gave them some instructions and they did. The next day as he got to his office, his secretary told him Oga has been looking for you and this Oga doesn’t like him. He was wondering oh God after such a great service. He got into the Office; the boss said “you know I don’t like you, if I am the owner of this company you would have been long one. Then, the boss opened his drawer and brought his file and said “this file I have been hiding it for 3 years to hold your promotion, go and give it to the Human Resources they should do whatever they want to do with it”. He thanked the boss, the boss said “do not thank me just get out of my office”. They promoted him afterwards and paid him arrears for 3 years. The next day he bought a drink and put some money in the envelope and went to see his Boss. As he entered and said “I have come to say thank you, Boss said “what is your problem I don’t like you and everything that comes from you. Get out of my office”, as he was leaving the Boss said wait; he picked the phone and called some other branch “is this port Harcourt branch I heard a new branch has just been opened. There is this guy I don’t like him but I know he can be the manager”.. That was how this guy became a Branch Manager. You enemy will favour you in Jesus name, Amen.

So then the 3rd week same spot same voice. Then I asked tell me which bottle do you want me to break? Then he said, this your T.V give it to your youth Pastor. I started praying you foul spirit. By the second week the voice came again do you really want this bottle to break? I said “Yes” then give the TV out. With so much agitations I gave the TV to the youth Pastor. After 3 weeks I went to Ghana to preach, the same Ghana I have been going….. After preaching; someone just came to meet me and said “…Man of God, you have blessed me today please take this envelope”. I opened it when I saw the amount there it can buy me like 20 television. As I carry the money, I told myself “Satan you are in trouble. When I get to Nigeria, they will know I have arrived”. So as I landed to Nigeria to buy something; the voice came; “do not touch the money drop it in the offering bag”, I was so disturbed but I obeyed; I never knew God was setting me up for unlimited breakthroughs, my ministry took a different dimensions afterwards.

I have been in Abuja for 5 years and I have given out 6 cars. Whatever God cannot take from me He should not give to me. My wife and I, we contributed some money to build house, after they have showed us the land. Then the voice came again drop the money, I gave the money to God. A month later I just finished a television broadcast and I received a phone call from this man from the North. I was still leaving in the South then. The man came to see me and said he has a house he wants to give me. When I saw the house; I would not have been able to build it. Brethren if you do not hold anything from God, you will be able to get anything from God.

In Mark Chapter 4, the bible tells us about a woman called Mary who wanted a Bottle of Perfume called the Alabaster Box but very expensive. Mary had to mortgage her 6months salary for the Alabaster, she probably had to sacrifice her hair do, her new wardrobe, her breakfast or lunch or dinner in order to by the Perfume and pursue her destiny. After 6 months; as she was about to get the perfume. The man that owns the shop looked at her and said, the person you are buying this perfume for must be very special to you. Is he your boyfriend? Mary said no I do not have one, Is he your father? No he forsook me long ago, Is he your Uncle? No, those ones have left me to wrought. The man asked who is he, and what is his name? Mary said His name is in everything. The man asked what do you mean? Mary said give me the letter of the Alphabets,

The man said A – Mary said “Alpha

B- Bread of Life

C – Comforter

D – Door

E-Everlasting Father

F-Friends among Ten Thousand

G- God

H- Holy One

I- Immanuel


K-King of Kings

L-Lord of Lords


N- Never Ending Joy

O-Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresence, Omega

P- Prince of Peace

Q- Qanna

R- Redeemer


T- Truth

U- Unfailing Love

V- Vine

X- Christmas Reason

Y – Yoke Breaker

Z- Zion King

Mary went back to Church, to Jesus, everyone was seated and Mary walked in and broke the Alabaster box. The bible said as she knelt down and broke it, the aroma filled the whole place… As a result of what that woman did, Jesus declared in Matthew 26: 13 “Verily I say unto you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her”.

There is someone here your business is about to expand, your aroma is about to fill the whole world.

There is somebody here today and reading this; all your cry will end if you will only cry one last cry which is the pain of what you are about to give to God. Giving provokes God’s favour and you will be blessed as you give in Jesus name, Amen

Let The Bottle Break, by Apostle Godspower Udjor, Senior Pastor Champion Faith Assembly, Abuja Nigeria was delivered on November 22nd, 2015