June 2021 Theme – Divine Reset

June 2021 Theme – Divine Reset

Simply put, reset can be defined as ‘to set back to the initial state; adjust again; set anew; set again or differently, or to fix in a new or different way’.


There are motors, equipment, devices, etc that require resetting for them to continue to function well, e.g., watch engine, clock alarm, car service odometer, etc. There are also many aspects of man’s life that require resetting as well to function well, e.g., overall destiny, spiritual, health, financial, relationships, etc.


While man can try to help himself and has a part to play in such a resetting process; God being the Creator of man has the ultimate power to do so in a flash and yet appropriately.


God called Abraham to leave his country, kindred, and father’s house and go to a land which He would show him (Gen. 12: 1-3). By this time, he was already 75 years of age. God used his moving away from his hometown as a reset for his life. From then forward, Abraham was able to start communicating with the Living God as friends. He was blessed and became a blessing; his name was made great and through him, all the nations of the earth were blessed by God.


God did the same resetting of destiny to Prophet Elijah the Tishbite. In I Kings 17: 1, Elijah rose to the limelight surprisingly by the power of God. After this introduction, Elijah was used by God to do great signs and wonders in his time: sealing the heavens (I Kings 17: 1); calling down fire from heaven (I Kings 18: 17-39); and opening the fountain of heaven again (I Kings 18: 41-45).


When Queen Jezebel made a threat to his life, Elijah panicked and ran for his dear life (I Kings 19: 1-4). God however does not kill His generals as Elijah demanded; rather He specializes in resetting their lives. God arranged for Elijah to be fed supernaturally; and then took him to Mount Horeb where his destiny enjoyed a Divine reset (I Kings 19: 5-21).


This year is very crucial to our destinies. Regardless of what God might have done for us before now; God has earmarked our destinies for a Divine reset from this month onwards. Our lives will experience Divine adjustments and Divine fixing in a new and spectacular way that will propel our destinies to greater heights in Jesus’ name.