June 2020 Theme: Shout Of Victory

June 2020 Theme: Shout Of Victory

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, shout can be defined as speaking with a very loud voice, often as loud as possible, usually when you want to make yourself heard in noisy situations, or when the person you are talking to is a long way away or cannot hear very well. It is expressing strong emotions, such as anger, fear, or excitement, or to express a strong opinion, in a loud voice. It is used to try to attract attention in a loud voice.

Victory can be defined as an occasion when you win a game, competition, election, war, etc; or the fact that you have won. It can be the act of an example of winning a competition or war.

There are two sides to any game, competition, contest, election, war, battle, etc. It is either defeat or victory. Defeat is always bitter, and victory is always sweet. Those who are defeated usually kept mum; while those who are victorious usually shout.

In Joshua 6: 1-21, the children of Israel advanced against the city of Jericho; but the city was fortified, and the gates securely shut. God asked Joshua and the people to march around the city of Jericho once per day for six days, keeping their mouth shut; and then marched around the city seven times on the seventh day. At the end of the seventh march on the seventh day, the priests should blow the trumpet and the people should shout with a great shout for the Lord had given them victory over the city: it’s king and it’s mighty warriors.

So it came to pass when the priests blew the trumpets and the people shouted with a great shout, that the Jericho walls fell down flat, so that the people went up to the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.

Europe went through one of the most bloodied wars in the 20th century – the Second World War from 1939-1945. The Germans discomfited Europe at the onset of the war, but by 1945 Germany was overwhelmed militarily; and on 8th May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a radio broadcast at 3 pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany’s surrender the day before.  Thousands and thousands of Germans disarmed prisoners of war were marched away keeping their mouth shut, while the Allied Forces were shouting in victory all over Europe.

This month, God promised to grant us the grace to shout the shout of victory. He said everything that represents ‘Jericho Walls’ before us now will be demolished. He will help us to dethrone ‘the mighty’ that are warring against our continuous existence. May God fulfil His promise in our lives in Jesus name.