Ready can be defined as completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action or use; duly equipped, completed, adjusted, or arranged, as for an occasion or purpose. Momentum on the other hand can be described as the force or speed of movement; or impetus – the energy with which a body moves.

For forty years that the Children of Israel journeyed through the wilderness and for many years after that when they had settled in Canaan, the ‘presence’ of God was within a tent. No one thought of the idea to build a temple, a habitation that is worthy for the Almighty until the reign of David.

Unfortunately for David though, God refused that he should build a place of abode for Him; principally because he had shed innocent blood. However, God agreed that David’s successor – Solomon would be eligible to build Him a place.

Not only that Solomon was very blessed to be the qualified candidate; he enjoyed ready momentum in building of the temple. The architectural designs, the gold, silver, bronze, iron, precious stones, woods, and even sands to build the temple were already prepared by his father. Contracts with the suppliers and experts were also signed prior to Solomon’s rule. When he got on the throne, he just started building with ease (I Chro. 22: 1-20).

In this month of January, God will use it to make us gather momentum that will propel us through the year 2012 powerfully. We will begin to sign contracts that will elevate us in the year. All the gold, silver, precious stones, iron, woods, sands, etc. that we would require in 2012 would be duly arranged this January by the Almighty Father in Jesus name.