February 2017 Theme – Remarkable Strides

February 2017 Theme – Remarkable Strides

Remarkable can be described as ‘something that is worthy of note and attention. Something that is striking; extraordinary; exceptional; stunning; sensational; or phenomenal’. Strides on the other hand can either described as ‘a walk with long decisive steps in a specified direction; or a step or stage in progress towards an aim’.

So that remarkable strides can therefore be decisive steps in a specified direction that is worthy of note and attention; or an exceptional step or stage in progress towards an aim.

In both instances, the object in question is making progress towards a desired direction or intended aim, and the progress been made is stunning and phenomenal.

In Joshua 3:1-17, we have a shocking biblical story of how the Israelites experienced remarkable strides in history. They were at the side of River Jordan, having travelled for 40 years to get there. Everyone that was over 20 years when they left Egypt had died, except Joshua and Caleb. This was a remarkable moment for them, as they were at the borders of Canaan. The Jordan River however posed a hindrance to them. Not only was it difficult to cross, it had overflowed it’s bank.

God however assured Joshua that they will enter into Canaan with remarkable strides. That when the feet of priests that carried Ark of Covenant makes contact with the River, the waters would part, while those priests will remain in the dry river bed, everyone will walk majestically on dry ground to the other side of Jordan, then the priests will later joined them. So it was! What an amazing feeling it would have been for them.

This month of February and beyond, God is promising us remarkable strides and extraordinary steps as we continue on the journey through 2017. He says He will propel our ‘feet’ with exceptional steps towards the unimaginable progress He had promised. May we all experience such remarkable strides this month and this year in Jesus name.