Be Delivered, Rise and Move, by Rev Omolehin

Be Delivered, Rise and Move, by Rev Omolehin

Bible Text: Matthew 21:1-9

As you read this message today I forecast a family deliverance by the grace of God. In the Bible text above, Jesus made a visit to Jerusalem again. Although, he had been trekking to this place but on this occasion he decided to take a ride on a donkey and his colt. He asked his disciples to get him the donkey that the scriptures may be fulfilled: Matthew 21:4-5 – This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet:  “Say to Daughter Zion,     ‘See, your king comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey,     and on a colt, the foal of a donkey.’”

The time had come for this donkey and her colt to be delivered, to be used by God. For they had been tied up in a village close to where Jesus was. They are made available for Christa usage for it had been prophesied by the prophet Isaiah long before Jesus arrival.

Today, the Lord is willing to help and use people but they are not free. Some people have been tied, are in bondage, walking but require to be on a ride, some people are lonely but they are public figures. God is willing to deliver you; God is willing to make a difference in your life. God is willing to lift you up.

There are cities and there are cities, may God bring you into the city; for the donkeys had to leave the village, the secret place to be in the city and glorified with Christ. For example in Lagos popularly known as one of the big cities in Nigeria, there are people living the under the bridge and there are people living in the prim and proper; like Lekki and Banana Island Lagos.

Lots of people are in bondage without even knowing it. Anytime people enter into the bondage they take their family along. For example Adam and Eve; Jacob and his entire family.

So also salvation is a family package; the story of Noah testifies to this, so also is that of Lot and his family. Whenever God wants to save a man, the plan is to save him and his family. When Jesus spoke to Zacchaeus , he said today “salvation has come to your  house” (Luke 19:1-6).

Note that, the enemy does not only care about your soul; he wants to tie your whole family. What is happening today in which one person in the family is in bondage and the other members don’t care requires deliverance. God wants the whole house saved. We should look after each other.

The reason why God wants everyone free can be exemplified in a case when you give a child freedom and still keep the mother in prison, both parties will still be crying because the deliverance is not complete until they are both free, and vice versa.

God has need of you. There are certain things Angels will not do for you because God needs you to do. The Bible says “ye are my witness” (Isaiah 43:10-12). God wants to move you to the next level but there are certain things you need to do. One of which is reaching the unreachable.

The thing about deliverance is that, when you lose someone from bondage, you don’t leave them there, they should move. You don’t get loose and stay around. For example, when you say you are not drinking again, what are you still doing in the pub? There are certain friends you shouldn’t keep again.

Deliverance is not the ultimate; it is a means not an end. Deliverance is not just for fun and testimony but for you to use your comparative advantage to preach the gospel and preach the gospel. When the Lord begins to use you, you will no longer be lonely. God will use you for your family; use you and your family (Zechariah 9:9).

Your deliverance had been prophesied before you were born. God has put it down and underlined it in capital letters that you and your house belongs to Him.

The Lord has something to say to the women because when they move, they move with their children. Men can come to church alone but women move with the family, with generations. Over 100 years ago, something that is about to happen in your life had been prophesied and it is coming to pass that you are free indeed.

When God uses you, you are fulfilling prophesy. Hence, you will leave the village, you move from stationary to dynamics.

A son was resumed in a University in Nigeria. On resumption, he joined the fellowship but at the end of the session he failed. The head of the fellowship went to meet a professor and asked for help that this brother had failed and advised to withdraw, that if he leaves there will be no one to help  play again. However, the Prof. said there was nothing he could do about it, the result had already been sent to the Senate Council.

The fellowship organized a concert for end of session, people advised that this pianist shouldn’t go and play that he had been asked to withdraw, “you better leave quietly” they said. However, this brother went for the concert and played wonderfully. At the concert, the Professor came and was amazed at how the brother was playing.  He left the concert in haste and could not even finish the concert. At the Senate which was the Monday after the concert; the Professor made a strong case before the VC that it would be shameful for the world to hear of the number of students in their Department who has been asked to withdraw.  It was decided that 10 marks should be added to the marks of all the students and after that every other person that still failed should be sent home (Knowing fully well that this Brother needed 10 marks to scale through). That is how this brother was delivered and saved from shame. He was still sleeping when people knocked on his door to deliver the good news.

Henceforth, I pray for you that you will sing songs of deliverance and dance gracefully; for your set time to be delivered is now. Praise the Lord!!!!

The sermon, Be Delivered, Rise and Move, by Rev Omolehin, General Overseer, Word Assembly Ministries, on June 4, 2017