December 2019 Theme – Ransomed! Precious! Honourable and Loved!

December 2019 Theme – Ransomed! Precious! Honourable and Loved!

Ransomed can be defined as “The release of a person or a property in return for a payment of a demanded price; a redemption from sin and its consequences”; etc.

Precious can be defined as “Someone or something of high cost or worth; valuable; highly esteemed; cherished; dear; beloved”; etc.

Honourable can be defined as “Someone who is honest and fair, or deserving praise and respect; possess or characterised by high principles; worthy of or entitled to honour or esteem; consistent with or bestowing of honour”; etc.

Loved can be defined as “Someone or something that is held in deep affection; cherished; adored; admired; cared for; treasured; doted on; endeared to”; etc.

Jacob was the third patriarch of the Jewish race from the bible after Abraham and Isaac; though he started his life as a supplanter (Gen. 25:27-34); and a cheater (Gen. 27: 1-4); God had a special affection for him. Having later ‘wrestled’ with God and prevailed (Gen. 32:22-32), God conferred on him special accolades of been ransomed, precious, honourable and loved. He was the one that God used to start the twelve tribes of Israel; a nation especially loved by God!

Over time, God had always gone to any length to demonstrate His ransom powers over the Israelites (Ex. 14: 15-31); that the people are precious to Him (Ex. 4: 22-23); that they are honourable (Num. 23:7-24); and that they are loved (Num. 22: 7-12).

The same Jehovah, the Lord God of Israel is saying to us in this last month of the year that Everlasting Father’s Assembly has been ransomed by Him; that we are so precious to Him; we are very honourable, and we are deeply loved!

God says the benefits of these accolades from Him shall continually be evident in our midst despite the ‘waters, rivers, fires, and flames’ we might go though or might come against us. May the zeal of the Lord of hosts bring these to come to pass in our very eyes in Jesus name.