In some part of the world, rainy season is experienced twice a year. The first one is called early or former rains which are essentially to soften the field for cultivation and for germination of the seed planted; while the second is called the latter rains and is necessary for the production of fruits and leading to harvest.

Both rains are very crucial to cropping, but the latter rains have a greater significance on the planting process as it shows that the farmer’s efforts throughout the year were never in vain.

As Jesus was going back to heaven, He instructed the disciples not to go out preaching until they had received the power from the Holy Ghost (Luke 24:49). About 50 days after Jesus ascension, the gift of the Holy Ghost came upon 120 disciples which signify their ‘early rains’ (Acts 2:1-4).

This power propelled them to do great miracles and grant them courage. However after the healing of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate by Peter and John, they were both arrested and tried by the Elders Council and the High Priest family. After been threatened and humiliated, it was necessary that God should re-charge them again, so they were sent a ‘latter rain’ (Acts 4:29-31). After this latter rain, they became unstoppable!