April 2020 Theme – Running And Not Wearied

April 2020 Theme – Running And Not Wearied

Running is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as ‘move along faster than walking, by taking quick steps in which each foot is lifted before the next foot touches the ground’. It can also be defined as ‘to go without restraint; move freely at will’ (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Wearied can be defined as ‘physically or mentally exhausted by hard work; exertion; strain; fatigue; tired’; etc. It can also mean ‘to make or grow impatient or dissatisfied with something or at having too much of something’ (Dictionary.Com).

There is a variety of speed of running: ranging from jogging to sprinting. There is also a variety of length of running: ranging from 60 metres dash to 100 kilometres road race. Life in itself is an activity of running – from birth to death (Ps. 103: 15-16).

The wilderness journey of the Children of Israel can be likened to a long-distance race. The travelling on foot from Egypt to Canaan could have taken the Israelites possibly a week – short distance; but they would have had to go through a war scenario, of which God knew they did not have the faith to deal with. So, God decided to take them through a quieter route that would have lasted them 40 days instead – medium distance (Ex. 13: 17-18). But because of the hardness of the heart of the people after spying the land of Canaan; God elongated their journey to a marathon of 40 years – long distance (Num. 14: 26-35).

Unfortunately for the Children of Israel, the long-distance trip became too wearisome for them, even for Moses and Aaron (Num. 20: 2-13); except for only two adults (Joshua and Caleb) and all the children under the age of twenty (Num. 14:24; Dt. 1: 38).

The believer’s pilgrim on earth is a long-distance race, otherwise, God would have called us home as soon as we got saved. Our journey can then be likened to the Israelites wilderness experience, what would have been their 40 days journey. There will be times of no water, times of bitter water, times of lack of meat, times of enemy attack, times of betrayal, etc. But for those that waited/trusted on the Lord; they will keep running and not be wearied (Isaiah 40: 31; Jos. 14:6-13).

God is assuring us in Everlasting Father’s Assembly that though we will pass through what will be a marathon experience as others in our world; we will however not become wearied in the process. May this be our portion in Jesus name.