The Bible makes us to know that in Genesis 37: 1-4, that Jacob loved Joseph more than his other brothers because he was the son of his old age; because Jacob demonstrated this special love to him openly, Joseph brothers hated him.

The two dreams that Joseph had (translated to mean that his brothers and even his parents will be subjects to him; coupled with their father’s favouritism, culminated in the near death and disappearance of Joseph for 13 years.

After the make-believe story that a beast has killed Joseph, Jacob gave up on life and chose to be mournful all the days of his life (Gen. 37: 18-35). However, after 13 years of sorrowful living, Jacob received a good tiding that Joseph who he had thought was dead (without a burial), was actually still alive!

Not only is Joseph still alive, he was the Governor over all Egypt (the most powerful nation on earth then)! Jacob was so shocked that he almost had a heart failure. But after seeing all what Joseph had sent, his spirit was revived (Gen. 45: 24-28).

God’s message to us this month of April is that we will receive good tidings at home and abroad. All negative news that has lingered on will be changed to good tidings. All sad news the enemies might be brewing will be averted in Jesus name.