RCCG EFA Leeds 2019 Prophecy: Our Year of Overwhelming Divine Favours

RCCG EFA Leeds 2019 Prophecy:  Our Year of Overwhelming Divine Favours

Overwhelming can be defined as “very great or very strong; very large; difficult to fight against; very great in number or amount; enormous; overpowering; so great as to render resistance or opposition useless”; etc.

Favours, on the other hand, can be defined as “approval, support or liking for someone or something; overgenerous preferential treatment; an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual; something done or granted out of goodwill; friendly or well dispose of, regard; excessive kindness or unfair partiality”; etc.

In Esther 2: 1-18; the bible tells us the story of a young lady called Esther; it happened that Queen Vashti committed a blunder and a new queen had to be sought for King Xerxes. All the young maidens in Persia were welcomed to run for the contest; this could have run into hundreds of ladies or more. Esther also entered into the competition as well, even though she was of Jewish origin and not a Persian.

Several selection processes were to follow and Esther kept going through. God granted Esther special favours with the Special Assistant to the king on this assignment (Hegai); he had much likeness and regard for Esther and he became her counsellor.

After one year of training and beauty treatment, each screened contestant had the opportunity to spend time with the king; either to become a queen or become abandoned in a quarter in the palace. When it was Esther’s turn to see the king; God granted her overwhelming favours, such that the king preferred her above every other lady; so the king set the royal crown upon Esther’s head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.

Throughout her reign as the queen; Esther enjoyed overwhelming Divine favours: for example, she came into the presence of the king without been invited, instead of receiving a death sentence, she got the king’s heartfelt reception. She made the king attend a personal banquet two days in a row; she was asked by the king what she wanted as a gift for up to half of the kingdom! She got her uncle to become the most powerful person in Persia, with the king becoming a figurehead. She was able to preserve the Jewish race from genocide. She was able to see the end of the principal enemies of the Jewish people. She turned the homes of the Jewish people in the whole of Persia into the habitation of joy and celebration, and many Persian nationalized to become Jews. Overwhelming Divine favours indeed!

I heard God say that the year 2019 shall be a year of overwhelming Divine favours for us in Everlasting Father’s Assembly.

God said we have found special favours with Him, and so He will grant us favours with ‘royals and excellencies’.

He said His favours shall preserve us from dangers, attacks and planned persecutions.

His favours shall make us to dine with royals and people of great influence.

His favours shall aid our selection when we are in any contest.

His favours shall grant us elevation in governance and increase us in authority in the land.

His favours shall make our homes into the habitation of joy and celebrations.

His favours shall make many to want to become like us and glorify our God.

His favours will make all our principal enemies to be silenced permanently.

His favours will make us become more powerful in the land.

His favours will make the ‘royal crown’ to be set upon our head.

His favours will single us out for approval, regard and preferential treatment among numerous choices.

The year 2019 shall begin and end in overwhelming favours from God for us in Jesus name.