Thus, Says the Lord, “I Have Healed Your Water From This Day”, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Thus, Says the Lord, “I Have Healed Your Water From This Day”, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

2 Kings 2:19-22 And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren.  And he said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein. And they brought it to him. And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith the Lord, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land. So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the saying of Elisha which he spake.


Two types of deadness:

Dead/Dead & Alive/Dead. The city of Jericho appears to be alive, but it was dead.


The fountain of the city’s water was contaminated, poisoned, dead and barren. Elisha asked for salt in a new bowl, added it to the source of the spring in Jericho.

Elisha went to the root of the problem and purifies it, which brought healing to the waters and the land.


The ‘water’ in this context is someone’s life. Someone’s destiny. Water they say is life. Where there is no water, life may become extinct. The water of your life shall be a living water. It shall also be sweet in Jesus name.


Functions of Bowl

It is a vessel used to serve food, water, oil, etc. It is a utensil use. Elisha wanted a new one, not the one that has been used before.

He requested for cleansed vessel, purify vessel, consecrated vessel for a particular purpose. Purified vessel brings pure results.

2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God,


I am sent to you today as a New Cruse/Bowl to add the ‘salt/flavour’ from God to the source of your water (life).


Functions of Salt:

*Induces thirst for water and hunger for food. God will induce your thirst and hunger for the Living Water.

*Preserves meat and fish, so it does not go rotten. God will preserve your destiny. You will not rot in Jesus name.

*For flavour (Matthew 5:13).

When our children were young, I believe this happens to most children, they did not like to drink water. We would add currant to water, even though the water quantity would be more, and they would drink it. Because they could taste something nice.

I later discovered flavoured water. Guess what? They loved it too. They were drinking the same water they never wanted to drink, just because it has been sweetened.

God shall flavour your life.

*It kills bacteria. Every ‘bacteria’ and parasite clinging to your life shall die today. Any virus attaching itself to your destiny shall die a permanent death in Jesus name.


*Disinfects and heals wounds. I decree Divine healing to your water of life. Every wound your destiny has suffered be healed right now in Jesus name.

Physical wounds, Emotional wounds, spiritual wounds, financial wounds, psychological wounds, receive healings in Jesus name.


What is a Spring? Derived from the Hebrew ‘mowtsa’- a place of going forth. The root cause, not the symptom.

Today, God is addressing the root cause of someone’s issue. God is addressing the place of your going forth. Not just the problem will be cured, but the cause of it in Jesus name.


The ground in Jericho was not supposed to be barren. It is rich alluvial soils. It is in lowland and as such should enjoy plenty supply of underground water.


The main source or the fountainhead of the spring is however contaminated, giving rise to the poisoned waters circulating round the city. It was this poisoned water that caused the miscarriages in the city.


Your work hard at something and yet mis-carry. There may be a problem from the source. You will need to bring the source of that thing to God for a healing. God can do it. May it happen for you in Jesus name.


On the surface, Jericho looked appealing, until you live there before you will know that it was dead. Just like your life may look appealing to outsiders; but you know what healing you are trusting God for.


Some people might be hoping to trade their lives for other people; not knowing the life challenges that such people might be going through. Whatever your challenges might be, God will heal your ‘water’ in Jesus name.


There is the account of this woman in the scripture that her life/water became really ‘bitter, fruitless and dead’; but thank God as she got healing from God. Her name is Naomi.


Naomi means ‘pleasant’.  She was married to Elimelech – means ‘My God is King’. They had two sons Mahlon – Sickly. Chilion – Finished, Complete. At least, fruitfulness has started.

They would have thought their lives were secured. There will be continuity to their linage; but alas, a famine came. It was going to be very sore; so, they left town for greener pastures. That singular act destabilized their lives.

You shall not be destabilised by the coming famine in Jesus name.

You will not leave Bethlehem for Moab. They left ‘House of Bread’ for ‘who is your father?’


They went to the land of Moab – a land cursed by God. Not too long they arrived there, Naomi husband died. Their sons married Moab ladies so that Naomi can begin to be more fruitful. But no child came from both marriages. Then Mahlon died. Then Chilion died. The death they ran away from in Canaan caught up with them big time in Moab.


At this point, Naomi knew that the hand of God had been against her family. She decided to go back home. Her testimony was bad.

Ruth 1: 19-22 So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this Naomi? And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. I went out full and the Lord hath brought me home again empty: why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the Lord hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me?  So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest.


The people they left in Canaan who they thought would die were still alive when she came back. They had progressed.


The sweet part of the story was that God healed her life eventually. God used a foreigner – Ruth to flavour her life. Boaz married Ruth. They had a son called Obed; who was the father of Jesse, the father of King David; and therefore, entered the linage of Jesus Christ.


Your own water shall not be difficult for healing in Jesus name. God will add flavours to your life in Jesus name.


In 2 Kings 5: 1-11, Naaman in the bible was influential, fearful general, prosperous, powerful, famous, and had a family and home. He was well respected at home and abroad. Yet he had an underlying problem. He was a leper. He would need to cover his whole body and face so that people would not be looking at him, because of his leprosy.


He must have tried many herbalists, physician, prophets, etc. God had mercy on him one day as he got introduced to Prophet Elisha. His skin later became like that of a new-born baby. His water was healed by God.


May God orchestrate your healing in Jesus name. Whatever is the blemish upon your life shall be removed by God in Jesus name.


Joseph’s problem was a poison from the source, his blood brothers (Genesis 37: 1-11)

*He was destined to become great.

*He was well behaved

*He was God fearing

*He was born to be a blessed family, yet he suffered! Though, his brothers were supposed to thank God that one of them was going to be great, but no. He should rather die!


*One day, his fountainhead was healed by God. (Gen. 41:39-43). His brother and even his father did revere him, according to his dreams.

Your Godly dreams shall not die. They will surely speak in Jesus name.


Hannah was married to a prosperous and loving husband.

*Well favoured and cherished.

*Given a double portion/allocation.

Her c-wife was however very hostile.

*Even though the love between her and her husband was great, her life was miserable. She was favoured and yet fruitless and barren.

*Her problem was not her husband, not her marriage, not even her co-wife, but her source of water (life).

in Ex. 23:26, God promised the children of Israel that none of them shall be barren. The problem was from the source.


*One day, God healed the water of her life, the same barren womb conceived, not once but multiple times.

In 1 Samuel 2: 21, apert from Samuel, Hannah had other 5 children!


Your life shall not be barren in Jesus name. God will make your life sweet. He will make you fruitful. He will make you flourish.


Most poisons and contaminations to one’s water (life) are as a result of curses: from God because of idolatry and disobedience; from powers of darkness, as a result of errors and generational evil covenants; and from the aggrieved, as a result of offense or just hatred. 2


What Can Heal such Poison and Contamination?

*The forgiveness and blessing of God: causeless curse; blessing of God adds no sorrow.

Numbers 22:6 Come now therefore, I pray thee, curse me this people; for they are too mighty for me: peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite them, and that I may drive them out of the land: for I wot that he whom thou blessest is blessed, and he whom thou cursest is cursed.


In Genesis 17:1-27, God enacted a special relationship with Abraham and his seeds. It was a covenant that was sealed with the circumcision of male children. Even his male servants and Ishmael were circumcised.

As their relationship grew, God told Abraham that his seeds will sojourn in a foreign land for 400 years and after that He will bring them out with a great and outstretched arm.

Genesis 15:13-15


So, Joseph later invited his father Jacob and all Jacob’s descendants into Egypt, about 70 people at the time. They were there for 430 years before God brought them out.

In those years, the seeds of Abraham neglected their covenant with God, they were not circumcising their sons, even Moses might not have been circumcised, as he did not perform this for his son (Exodus 4:24-26)  And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him, and sought to kill him. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband art thou to me. So he let him go: then she said, A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.


Those that eventually came out were circumcised but most of them died in the wilderness.

All through their 40 years in the wilderness, the covenant of circumcision was not practiced for those born during the journey. It was when they got to Canaan at Gilgal, that the reproach of slavery and captivity was rolled away from them. (Joshua 5:1-12).

And it came to pass, when they had done circumcising all the people, that they abode in their places in the camp, till they were whole.

And the Lord said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day.


That was why, even though they had escaped slavery and oppression; the mentality of slavery was still in them. They would be thinking of vegetables they were eating in Egypt, and sufficient burial grounds in Egypt. So that at a point they actually wanted to go back to slavery.

I believe that freedom is better than any kind of slavery.

Independence is better than any kind of colonization.


There is someone listening to me now, the reproach of your youth is been taken away right now.

There is someone listening to me, just because you have not been successful in marriage so far, so you are ruling it away. I am asked to tell you that your healing will soon manifest. God will show you signs in the next 90 days from now. Only watch and pray.


You have been suffering from emotional, physiological, and even the financial suffering of widowhood. Today you are receiving healing, your reproach is taken away, wiped off in Jesus Mighty Name.


Many years of suffering has influenced your life and perception of things. God is healing your mind now.

Gideon as an example:

*He was the youngest amongst his Father’s sons. (God called him a Mighty Man of Valour)

*Smallest family in his tribe

*His tribe is the smallest in Israel (Manasseh).

*He had to put God to several tests.

*His mind set changed eventually.

*He must have been asking God: ‘Can anything good come out of Manasseh?

God said he was a mighty man of valour.

God wants me to tell someone this morning, ‘go in this thy might, have I not commanded you?’


Many of us will walk for Government establishments, Multi-functional Cooperation, Companies, and other people. There is someone listening to this, God has told you what you can do for yourself. He said He has invested in you the capability to do so. I am asked to remind you to stop enslaving yourself.

There is another person not in the UK, you have sought for jobs and contracts to no avail.

I am asked to tell you that you are called to be a trader. You are to sell petro-chemical products. The harvest will be huge. Like Joseph told the Chief Butler, can I say to you, do not forget me!




Father, heal the essence of my life.

Father, make my life sweet..

Father, make my destiny pleasant..

Father, make my life fruitful and flourishing..

Father, make my life whole in Jesus name.


The sermon, Thus, Says the Lord, “I Have Healed Your Water From This Day”, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delivered on August 23, 2020.