——-By Prophet Raymond Abban,

Most often in our lives we are taught that in order to reap harvest, one needs to put a seed to the ground. We have also come to learn that whenever there is no harvest we tend to think that there is a problem with our seed. Most of the time it is not the problem with the seed but the ground that the seed falls unto. Sometimes the seed is never the issue, but the ground can become a challenge.

Every one of us carries a unique ‘ground’. This is a spiritual ground. Most of the time when we do not have any harvest it is because of the ground which our seed has fallen unto is wrong.

Types of Grounds

Fallow Ground

There is nothing bad with a fallow ground. It doesn’t bring forth results because it is never tilled.

Parched Ground

It is dry and hard. So whatever you do on that ground get swallowed up.

Cursed Ground

There is nothing wrong with the cursed ground. The only problem with it is that whatever you do on that ground only brings the results of the curse that has been placed on it.

A Good Ground

This is the kind that bears fruit in 30, 60, 100 fold. A good ground has no problem with making a harvest.

God instructed Isaac to plant. He planted on the ground which had famine and in that same year he reaped a hundred fold. The first step of changing a bad ground to good ground is by being willing and obedient. Some people do not realise that life is a seed that will necessarily bears fruit whether good or bad. The time of harvest will surely come. What type of harvest will you receive.

Abraham and Lot were in Canaan. Abraham asked Lot to choose a portion of land; he chose the green fields of Sodom and Gomorrah, while Abraham got a dry place. However the spiritual ground that Abraham was standing on was strong enough to influence the dry ground. So that he was able to reap harvest. A man’s ground is determined by the type of harvest the man is able to take away with him. The difference between two people is the effect that they have and the harvest they are able to have.

There are signs of a good and bad ground.

A bad ground accepts seeds. But never gives you the results that you expected. It takes in a lot and gives bad little or nothing.

A good ground takes little away from you and gives you a lot. When you plant with one seed and at harvest time it gives you back plenty seeds. That was what happens to Isaac so that he became too rich that even the king told him to leave and find his own land. The question is if Gerar was barren how does Isaac till the same ground and reap harvest. It was because Isaac was standing on a good spiritual ‘ground’.

Your hard work doesn’t determine your success but it is your ground that will. There is a man in London that had not been working for 3 years and even his wife wanted to leave him. So I anointed his feet on a Sunday and said that you will stand on a good ground. He was called for an interview scheduled for Wednesday. He went for the interview and was given the job without been asked any question. This was because the ‘ground’ he was standing on changed.

If the ground under your feet is bad the harvest will not come forth. Our ground will not fail in Jesus name.

Every one of us has a seed to put in the ground. Some have more than others, but we all have a seed. It could be a seed of your tithes, prayer, support or loyalty. When you invest it unto a good ground it’s possible to get results.

There are two things that change a bad ground to good.

The mercy and grace of God.

The anointing of God.

Anointing can never be experienced in church. You can contact it but the effect is never felt in the Church, but afterwards. It is only when you have left the Church and you begin to enjoy and experienced what you had prayed for, that’s when you can say that you encountered anointing. The power of God helps you to do better. Anointing is not in being able to jump up during sermon or do some form of gymnastics. Neither is there anointing in shouting the message, the message will be anointed when what you say actually comes to pass.

For restored years to begin with your life, you have to be willing and obedient and seek the grace and mercy of God. Most of us come to church and we are so concerned about what somebody thinks instead of what God thinks. It’s not possible to enter a season of restoration except Jesus Christ is involved. May you enjoy restored years in Jesus name.

 Delivered by Prophet Raymond Abban of Raymond Abban Ministries, Ghana on September 9th, 2012 at RCCG Everlasting Father’s Assembly, Leeds