September 2021 Theme – Spiritual Metamorphosis

September 2021 Theme – Spiritual Metamorphosis

Spiritual can be defined as something relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. It can also be something relating to religion or religious beliefs.

Metamorphosis can be defined as a complete change; the process by which the young form of an object develops into its adult form; a complete change of character, appearance, or condition.

Spiritual metamorphosis therefore can be defined as a complete change of the human spirit or soul; a change in character, appearance or condition of one’s religion or religious beliefs. It can also be the further development of one’s spiritual entity (spirit and soul), from a younger form to a more matured form.

While God Himself is constant and never change; He however loves doing new things. For example, in Heb. 1: 1-2, the bible says in times past, God used to speak to His people through His prophets; in later times, He spoke through His Son – Jesus; and now, He speaks to us through His Holy Spirit (John 16: 4-16). God’s main method of relating to Man has therefore metamorphized over time.

Also, God makes sure that His mercies upon our lives are renewed every morning, that is why we are not consumed by the enemy (Lam. 3: 2-3).

There are many entities in the bible that experienced a spiritual metamorphosis. A good example was Apostle Paul. He started as Saul of Tarsus, he later experienced a complete change of character (spirit and soul), when he met Christ and became Paul the Apostle.

In Acts 9: 1-22, Saul was radically transformed from an anti-Christ to a pro-Christ person. He began to preach that Jesus was the Messiah, of which he denied and fought against before.

In Gal. 1: 11-24, Paul again wrote how his spiritual metamorphosis was made possible by God. How it was devoid of human influence, but by God alone.

It is the desire of God that we His children should seek and aim for improvements in our spiritual lives (spirit and soul), especially as the spiritual controls the physical. God wants us to strive for maturity in our character, appearance and religious beliefs.

In this season, God is interested to see us make progression and advancements in our walk with Him and our service for Him. He has also made available the power and grace for us to do so. May we all take the initiative and demonstrate the will to do so in Jesus mighty name.