God has a way of elevating His children. Before such people were born, He makes sure He had invested something into their destiny, so that at a point in their lifetime on earth, He then calls them; empowers them; justifies their calling and use them for His own glory. Later He then glorifies them (Rom. 8:30).

In the bible, children of God like Jacob who at a time was a fugitive was elevated by God to become founder of the 12 tribes of Israel (Gen. 32:10); David was elevated from a shepherd boy to becoming the king of Israel (Psalm 78:70-71); Peter, Andrew, James and John from illiterate fishermen to global reformers who restored lost souls to Jehovah. From very low estates, these people were elevated by God that some were almost thought to be a god. Moses was a slave boy who became the deliverer of Israel from bondage and terror to Egypt. Paul and Barnabas were empowered to do creative miracles to the extent that the people of Lystra wanted to offer sacrifices to them as gods! The little errand boy Samuel was elevated by God to become the next High Priest and kingmaker in Israel.

This month of November, God will begin to carry out His predestined plans of elevation in our lives as His children in Jesus name. He will equip and empowers us for the lifting that is coming; He will in plain terms justify our callings; and He personally will supervise the upliftments in Jesus name.