Remember Me For Favour, Lord, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu

Remember Me For Favour, Lord, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu

Text: 1 Samuel 1:1-9

Hannah prayed with intent she was intoxicated with a vision. She said for this child I ploughed deep. When Hannah was pregnant with a son heaven was pregnant with a prophet. God remembered her. When she cried out to him. God will hear you today and have mercy on you.
This is child who ended the lineage of judges and began the era of prophets that anointed the first 2kings of Israel. What a destiny.

Who has God favoured before

The widow is Zarephath. She was not part of the covenant, she was a Gentile but God remembered her (1 kings 17). Jesus pointed her out in Luke 4: 26. In the famine God remembered her for good, she and her household ate for many days.

We meet another woman who the Word refers to as a notable woman. (2 kings 8: 1-11). She was wealthy but had no child. Hers was a secret cry. When the man of God asked her what she wanted – needed. She said basically nothing. But the observant Gehazi said she has no child….this woman provoked the favour of God by her hospitality.

How will you be favoured?
Hannah was a worshipper. She went to the temple to offer sacrifices and worship at the appointed times. Peninah the younger wife pushed her to her destiny. She provoked her sore, but Hannah answered her not by word but cried to the Lord of hosts. She aligned her with the vision of God. May your desires today align with the needs of heaven.

My message for you this Mother’s Day is do not define yourself as a mother only as there are limitations attached to being a mother. Do not limit your definition to a woman or a widow, but define yourself as a Christian. Because in Christ all things are become new. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am more than a conqueror. You are the head and not the tail. Look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith, the God of new beginnings.

Today stand up and cry to him with a heartfelt cry. For God to remember you for favour for him to have mercy on you. Pray against anything that wants to cripple your life, the life of your family, your finances, and your health in Jesus name.

Remember Me For Favour, Lord, by Minister Caroline Ndlovu, was delivered on March 15th 2015 on Mothers Day