The Power of His Presence, by Rev’d Jonathan Adeboye

The Power of His Presence, by Rev’d Jonathan Adeboye

Bible Text: 1 Sam 4: 1-11; 1 Sam. 5: 2-12

This month the theme is Divine Presence and I pray that the presence of God will be with you wherever you go. From the Bible Text, the presence of God meant so much to the Children of Israel. It is very important to you as an individual’s, as a family and as a corporate entity. Exodus 33:14 -16; Moses emphasized that without the presence of God; How would not lead the children anywhere.

However, the Lords’ presence require certain factors for it to manifest its’ power.

  1. The sanctity of the ark it is described in the Bible that the ark was overlaid with gold. It depicts that when we are in Christ we will enjoy forever and not be put to shame.

  2. The ark contained tables of covenant and Rod

Worthy of note that the Ark is the outward embodiment of the Presence of the Lord Jehovah. It depicts God s’ presence. If there was trouble anywhere, the presence of the Ark calms it.

In 1 Samuel 4: the Ark was brought by Hophni and Phinehas; the 2 sons of Eli. During the War between the Children of Israel and the Philistines’, the Ark was brought and the children of Israel shouted in Joy that they would win the war that the Lord God Almighty had come to fight for them; and the Ark shook. 1Samuel4 : 7 records that the Philistines were afraid; for they realized the God of Israel had come in His presence of the Ark, since the days of Pharaoh they had not had an encounter as this but they summoned courage and continued fighting; and won the War.

The Ineffectiveness of the Ark

The Bible records that after the Ark were brought, the children of Israel suffered greatly and from 4000 the death recorded increased to 30,000. The defeat they suffered after the Ark was brought was greater. However, why didn’t the Ark work for the Children of Israel as expected? Meanwhile, the Ark was captured by the Philistines and it caused great havoc in the city of Gath. The Presence of the Ark in the city smote the men and troubled aroused, the Phillistines were afflicted afterwards. Although the Ark of God seem lifeless during the war but it was not powerless.

There are 7 reasons identified as factors that could hinder the manifestation of the Power of Gods’ presence.

  1. The family life of the High priest was displeasing to God. It matters how you handle your family, issues concerning your family take it more seriously.

  2. Due to the corrupt and morally bankrupt ministerial team such Hophin and Phinehas. The Bible declares that they sexually harassed women that came for worship and took the sacrificial offering for their use.

  3. Inconsistence and clueless leadership; the elders were not available to give direction to the people. Godly elders should show the way to younger ones. Jeremiah 7: 9-11 depict Gods’ detest for uncleanliness- Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; 10 And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations? 11 Is this house, which is called by my name, becomes a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the Lord.

  4. Living and serving in the Spirit is essential. Do not operate in the flesh. God’s service should not be mere show off- John 6:3. Do not operate in the flesh – depend on the Holy Spirit to carry out your assignment.

  5. 1 Peter 4:8- operate in Brotherly love. Do away with any nagging as a father, as a wife, as a husband, as a Parent as an ambassador of Christ.

  6. Stay within your calling- No rank breaking – Romans 12:6-8. Operate within your gift. The gift God has given you. He will give you grace commensurate within the gift. Recognize leadership does not be quick to be promoted.

  7. Make the glory of God your ultimate goal in living and serving – 1 Peter 4:11 “11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen”.

Wherever you find yourself; In the church, with family, at work – whatever you do, do it unto God and you will continually enjoy the Power of Gods’ presence

Prayer: I prophecy over the whole Church , over your family , over your life in the journey of the second half of this year; you will enjoy grace , the Power of Gods’ presence will be real in your life and you will not be a laughing stock to your adversaries in Jesus name Amen.

Prayer: “I will not become a laughing stock to my adversaries in Jesus name, Amen”

Sermon delivered by Rev’d Jonathan Adeboye, the founder of Total Missions Global Network Ministries, Nigeria on July 3rd, 2016.