October 2016 Theme – The Day of Showing

Showing can be defined as the act of putting something on display. It can also be a performance or appearance of a particular kind.

The life of John the Baptist was a very peculiar one. His birth was delayed for several years because he was chosen to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ. So that his parents had to wait until they were stricken in years as the birth of Jesus was not finalised from Heaven. Six months before Jesus came, John was released to come and his aged mother – Elizabeth became impregnated by her very old husband – Zechariah. His mother had to hide his pregnancy in their village for the first 5 months until her tommy became un-concealable.

There were several annunciations about John’s destiny in the scriptures. First from Angel Gabriel before his conception (Luke 1:8-20); and later from his father during his circumcision and naming ceremony (Luke 1:76-79).

Everyone that heard the story of John’s birth were all filled with awe and were wondering what sort of a person he would become (Luke 1:65-66). Despite this special attention that John attracted as a baby, he later lived out of the public eye for a while and even went to live in the wilderness until the day of his showing (Luke 1:80).

When ‘the day of showing’ for John came, the power of the Holy Ghost rested upon him so mightily to the extent that all people (commoners, military rulers, religious leaders, etc) were rushing to the wilderness to hear him speak and to baptise them. Despite the hard terrain, the hash weather, the lack of amenities, John’s harsh language and his unappealing looks, etc. John still became a showpiece for God in the land of Israel (Luke 3:1-18).

God has impressed it upon my spirit that every annunciation, promise and prophecy regarding us are to be upgraded to ‘the day of showing’ from now on. We shall come out of the incubation of life and enter into our season of manifestation to the glory of God in Jesus name.