A seal could be defined as something such as stamp that authenticates, confirms, or attest that an object is under high security and as such should not be tampered with. Seal often shows that a completed transaction has occurred; it was often a mark of identification and ownership; and it is often a mark of protection or security. When such authentication is from God Himself, it is said to be Divine seal.
Approval on the other hand is the action of officially agreeing to something or accepting something as satisfactory; or the belief that someone or something is good or acceptable.
So when God considers something or someone acceptable, good or satisfactory and as such put His stamp on the object for exemplary treatment, a Divine seal of approval is then enacted.
In Rev. 7: 1-8, four angels were instructed to hold back the four winds of the Earth as punishment from God. As they were about to do so, a superior angel was sent to them to refrain until some special persons were sealed on their foreheads to receive protection from the impending danger. 144,000 Jews were sealed to be immune from shortage of oxygen and the dearth of terrestrial organisms that will result from inadequate gases.
The world we live today is undoubtedly experiencing the anger and wrath of God. The world is convulsing from shortage of ‘oxygen’. This has affected the earth, the trees and the seas with their associated organisms. The good news however is that an instruction has gone out from God to place a seal of approval on some of His servants which by the grace of God, Everlasting Father’s Assembly is inclusive. The convulsion in the Universe, the chocking effect on Mankind and global fainting on all will not affect us in Jesus name.