November 2020 Theme – Divine Preservation

November 2020 Theme – Divine Preservation

Preservation can be defined as “the act of keeping something the same or of preventing it from being damaged; the act or process of keeping something in existence; to keep from injury, peril, or harm; to keep in perfect or unaltered condition; to keep or maintain intact; etc.

Simply put,  divine can be defined as something connected with God; relating to God or proceeding directly from God; etc. Divine preservation is when such preservation is been done by God Himself.

The life of Man is very precious, unarguably the most precious thing that God created. Higher than that of animals; plants and other things in the world (Gen. 2:7). There are however many forces that do contend with that life of Man: both natural and supernatural forces. Such that Man had to constantly seek how to protect and preserve his life from these forces.

Since the supernatural is more powerful than the natural, Man usually seeks after supernatural powers to keep those forces away. While there are many supernatural powers that do promise preservation of life; the ultimate power in this regard, is that of the Almighty God.

Jacob was someone that enjoyed Divine preservation from God. When Esau found out that Jacob had received the blessing meant for the firstborn from their father – Isaac; he made a vow to kill his brother. He was however patient about it, as he said he would only do so once their father had died (Gen. 27: 41). When Rebekah, their mother heard this, she arranged for Jacob to go and stay with her brother in Haran, until the anger of Esau would pacify (Gen. 27: 42-45).

So, Jacob left home. He travelled on foot through the desert, through hostile people groups, amidst wild animals, under hostile weather condition to get to Haran. He met Laban who took him in, and he then served Laban for 20 years; to marry his two daughters and to have some belongings to return home. But when it was time for Jacob to return to Canaan, Laban would not release him, instead, he and his sons wanted to harm Jacob and also seize his family as well as his livestock. It was God that preserved him (Gen. 31: 1-2, 22-29).

When the news got to Esau that Jacob was arriving home; Esau gathered 400 men strong army to confront his brother. By supernatural orchestration, Jacob again was preserved. His life would have ended several times on the outward journey or on the return journey; but for God’s promise of preservation on his life (Gen. 28: 11-15).

In this month and beyond, God’s promise to us is that He will divinely preserve our lives and all that pertains to us. Our outward journeys shall be preserved; our return journeys shall also be preserved. He will guarantee our existence. He will keep us away from injury, peril or harm. He will keep us in perfect and unaltered good condition. He will also ensure that we enjoy all-round consolidation. May these be our portion in Jesus name.