November 2016 Theme – Favourable Considerations

November 2016 Theme – Favourable Considerations

Favourable can be defined as advantageous, beneficial, helpful, suitable, appropriate, etc.

While consideration can be defined as to be given attention, to give heed, notice, regard, given careful thought, etc. Favourable consideration therefore is when one enjoys or receives attention that is beneficial, heed that is helpful, notice that is suitable, regard that is appropriate, etc. The bible records several instances where certain people enjoyed favourable consideration, especially in challenging times.

In 2 Kings 3:1-27, the bible tells us how King of Moab rebelled against Jehoram the King of Israel. So that Israel had to declare war against Moab. Jehoram sought the help of Jehoshaphat King of Israel and the King of Edom to assist him in the battle, which they consented to.

But as the troops marched unto war, they lost their bearing in the desert and exhausted their water supplies. So that several thousands of soldiers were to die of thirst and the three nations would have become slaves to Moab. Jehoshaphat was however wise, as he asked that they inquire from God what to do. The trio were soon able to locate Prophet Elisha in order to seek the way out of the mess they’ve found themselves.

When they got to Prophet Elisha, he was very unhappy to see King Jehoram, he actually told him to go away and consult his preferred father’s and mother’s fake prophets.

Elisha however later made a remarkable statement, that if not for the presence of King Jehoshaphat, there was nothing that would have made him to look at the direction of Jehoram or considered him for help at all.

Jehoshaphat therefore enjoyed favourable consideration on the day so that Elisha entreated God on their behalf and water in the form of a river was miraculously provided by God in the desert! The soldiers had excess water to drink, they regained their strength, and the same river became a snare to the Moabites until they were consumed totally.

This month and beyond, God will arrange favourable considerations to come our way. We will enjoy attentions that are beneficial; be given heed that are suitable; granted notices that are helpful and given regards that are appropriate. May these be the portion of all of us in Jesus name. Amen!