In 2 Sam. 9: 1-13, we have the story of someone who experienced Divine replenishment.

King Saul was the first King in Israel. Despite the warnings of Samuel as to what the people would experienced under a monarchy compared to a Theocratic governance, the people still chose to have a king over them (I Sam. 8: 4-20).

So Saul had lots of riches, lands, estates, servants and animals collected as tributes and tax from the people.

Unfortunately for Saul, he was later rejected as the king by God because of his double disobedience (I Sam. 13: 5-13; 15: 1-26).afterwards, himself and his three sons died at the battlefront in one Day! God then replaced him with David – a man after His own heart.

However, in the early days of David’s reign, he inquired if there was anyone in the linage of Saul that he could show kindness because of Jonathan his bosom friend. He was told that Jonathan had a son called Mephibosheth who had fled the region for fear of assassination.

David then re-called Mephibosheth to the Kingdom; he granted him access to the palace; apportioned a daily royal provision for him; gave him the privilege to eat at the king’s table and restoration of all that belong to his grandfather – Saul while being a king!

The Spirit of God has laid it in my heart that whatever has eluded us up till now by mistake; trick or theft will be restored from this month in Jesus name. God will grant us access to His throne; we will eat as princes and princesses; and also enjoy daily royal provisions in Jesus name.