May 2017 Theme – Grace To Soar Higher

May 2017 Theme – Grace To Soar Higher

Soar can be defined as to fly upward or rise high in the air; to maintain altitude without moving wings or using engine; or to glide along at a height with little effort or visible motion.

All birds do fly and do soar, the difference from bird to bird however is the altitude at which they fly and also soar. While most birds will fly between 200ft-2,000ft upward, there are other birds that can soar above this height. For example: Blackpoll Walker @ 16,000ft; Bar-headed Goose @ 30,000ft and Gyps Rueppelli @ 37,000ft!

The only reason why the Bar-headed Goose and Gyps Rueppelli could fly and soar higher than others is that they have certain grace that other birds do not have. For example: the Bar-headed Goose has more capillaries and more efficient red blood cells which supply more blood to its muscles; more energy producing cells; and also enjoys other hyperventilation privileges.

The same thing goes for the aeroplanes. While all planes fly and soar, they however do so at different altitudes. Some planes have a maximum operational altitude of 13,000ft; others @ 30,000 and others @ 40,000 and above. Again, those planes that soar higher have certain grace that others soaring lower do not have. For example: their cabin pressure are made suitable even at very high altitude.

The bible tells us that Daniel, his 3 friends and other Babylonian choice princes were tutored for about 3 years; at the end of which King Nebuchadnezzar conducted a test for them. The bible says Daniel and his 3 friends were 10 times better than the rest. Later, Daniel was able to unraveled the dream that Nebuchadnezzar had; this made Daniel to soar high (Dan 2:46-49). In the reign of King Darius, God again made Daniel to soar even higher as he was made the Chief President over the 120 Provinces of Persia (Dan. 6:1-3). All these were possible, because Daniel had certain grace that other Presidents and Governors of Persia did not have. For example: he had excellent spirit; knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom; understanding in all vision and dreams.

In this fifth month of the year 2017 and beyond, God promises to grant us the grace to soar higher in Him; higher in life; and higher above all situation and circumstances that may face us. May this be our portion in Jesus name.