March 2015 Theme – Divine Compensation

Compensation has several definitions. We can however define it as ‘money that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged; or the combination of money and other benefits, i.e. rewards that an employee receives for doing their job’. When the person paying the money or rewards is God, it can then be said to be Divine Compensation.

In life, the compensation one receives will be determined by who you work for; what you do for them; how many years you have worked for them; and for how many hours each day you put in to the work. So that two people doing the same job, for the same hours per day/week, for the same number of years can be paid differently, because of who they work for.

Some employers are very mean while some are very generous. It also goes that some employers are themselves struggling while others are very wealthy. So that compensation or remuneration actually depends mainly on whom one works for. The best employer to work for and work with though is the Almighty God. His compensation is unmatched.

In Mark 10: 29-30, Peter asked Jesus what will be their compensation for working with Him. Jesus told them that they will receive a hundred times of anything they sacrificed (with persecution); eternal life; and thrones in their next life. What a compensation!

For the month of March 2015, what I keep hearing is ‘compensation’ from God. Losses are to be recovered; damages to be repaired; work to be greatly rewarded; eternity to be perfected and assured; and authority given. These shall be our portion in Jesus name.