In Luke 4: 16-30, there is the account of how Jesus (at the inception of His ministry) went into the Synagogue in the town of Nazareth where He had been brought up to be part of the worship session.

After He had read the scriptures, He began to explain His six-fold mission statement to the locals. He went further to tell them certain facts which still affect people all over the world till today: that once you are too familiar with someone’s identity to the extent that you know their background (especially if it’s a lowly one like Jesus), you are likely not going to give them due honour which might necessitate how their life affect yours.

He told the people that it is not possible for them to experience part of His mission because of their unbelief and scepticism about Him. The people were then filled with rage due to His speech. They forced Him out of the Synagogue, thrust Him out of the city and led Him to the edge of a hill to cast Him down.

However, even though the mob had surrounded Him, their recognition power was removed by God so that He passed through them all and they didn’t notice until He’s gone.

This month of March, for as many that seem to be held in a tight corner by ‘angry mobs’: persons; spirits; situations or circumstances, God will open a way of escape for you in Jesus name.

The situation you are going through may be tough so that it seems as if you are no more in touch with Heaven (out of synagogue); it may be as if you have been isolated from the world (out of the city); or it might seem as if you are at the verge of breakdown (edge of a hill). God that ushered Jesus away unnoticed by the mob will usher you out of any pressure in Jesus name.