Preference can be defined as a greater liking for one alternative over another or others; a thing preferred; or a favour shown to one person over others. When that liking or favour emanates from God, it is then a Divine preference.  It is true that the Bible says that there is no respect of persons with God (Rom 2: 11), of which God can never do; because the Creator can not stoop low to respect His Creatures. However, I have discovered through the scriptures that even though God loves all Mankind, somehow God still demonstrates preferential treatment on some of His creatures over others!

The choice of Noah to start a new generation of Mankind is a vivid example in Gen 6: 5-9, the Bible says that God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and his imagination was evil continually. So, God said He shouldn’t have created man in the first place; and that He will wipe them off. Somehow though Noah was primarily chosen by God for preservation. His family was preferred by God to start new specie of mankind! I perceived that it would not have been only Noah that was just and perfect in the whole of the earth at the time, yet by Divine preference and subsequently his obedience to God’s instructions about the ark, he was spared the doom. This I consider a preferential treatment even though it’s difficult to accept!

It is in line with this that God is promising us in Everlasting Father’s Assembly that the month of June will be a time of preferential treatment for us. Without the implementation of any special criterion; specification or statistics that we have over anyone, God is going to vividly demonstrate His Divine preference of exemplification upon us in Jesus name.