July 2022 Theme: Jehovah: The God Who Works Wonders

July 2022 Theme: Jehovah: The God Who Works Wonders

Working has always been a dignified venture, it is however one of those things that require lots of time, skill, knowledge, strength, diligence, creativity, determination, etc to do or perform. There are different kinds of working, it can be formal or informal; mental or physical. We have some people who are producers, others are improvers, some are builders, while some are thinkers. All of these render their quota to the world of work.

Work emanated from Jehovah God. It was Him that initiated work in the very beginning when He created the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1), such that God in His own ingenuity went to work and made all the things we now know and those things we are yet to find out (Heb. 11: 3).

After the creation of the earth, God made Man and gave him the mandate to also engage in work just like Him (Gen. 2: 15-16). So, God is not just a working Being, He is also an Employer of work. He however expects that after we have worked, we are to present to Him from the harvest He has given us: first fruits, tithes and freewill offerings (Prov. 3: 9-10; Mt. 23: 23; 2 Cor. 9: 6-8).

God is not just a working Being, He actually works wonders. Almost all of the things that God did and still does are products of His words. He does not necessarily have to do laborious work to bring things into existence, except for when He created Man (Gen. 1: 26: 27). So, Jehovah is a wonder-making and wonder-creating God. That is His name from generation to generation (Ex. 15: 11; Psalm 72: 18; Psalms 77: 14).

There are other gods who try to demonstrate that they can work or even work wonders, they however always fail before the Jehovah Who works wonders. The Egyptian gods tried but later failed (Ex. 7: 8-13; 7: 19-24; 8: 1-6; 8: 16-19). The Canaanite god of Baal also tried and also failed (I Kings 18: 16-40). What such gods specialize in is to seek to destroy what others have created and made (John 10: 10; Gen. 3: 1-24; Mt. 13: 24-30).

The bible tells us how the children of Israel were finally delivered from the hands of Pharaoh and their Egyptian slave masters. When the Israelites were cornered at the bank of the Red Sea, God went to work on their behalf. He separated the Israelites and the host of the Egyptians with a dense cloud that was impenetrable, which kept them apart all night. Within that time, God made an east wind to blow over the Red Sea causing it to divide, such that the Israelites were able to pass through on dry ground to the other side. When that was done, God removed the dense cloud that was separating the two camps; and when Pharaoh and his hosts were fully in the riverbed pursuing after the Israelites, God made the parted waters to come together again. It was a work of wonder to behold then, to know now and shall ever be (Ex. 14: 15-31).

The good news is that God is still at work even now to perform such wondrous works. What God impressed upon my spirit in this season is that He will work new and remarkable wonders in our lives and in our midst. He will silence the voice of ‘gods’ that are trying to speak against us. He will humiliate before our faces the ‘gods’ that are trying to oppress us. He will also turn us into wondrous showpieces in His hands so that men might fear Him (Psalm 67: 7). May the zeal of Jehovah Who works wonders do these in our lives and in our midst in Jesus name.