Traditionally, kings do not manifest anyhow. They enter on stage majestically with prior herald by a town crier. Priests also do not manifest anyhow. They are always preceded by altar boys and priests in training before they step out.

Whenever you see a king, introduction is not necessary, because it will be obvious. Their royal robes; the sceptre in their hands; the horses or chariot they ride on; the throne they sit on; the crown on their heads; and the entourage that goes with them are some distinguish characteristics features of kings.

The priests on the other hand are identifiable by their special collar; their robes; their ornaments; their caps; their altar boys; etc.

In both instances, they possess the empowerment to reign on Earth.

The bible talks about the Millennial Reign of Christ where saints will reign with him for 1,000 years on earth (Rev. 5:10). However, even as we live today, regardless of the influence of ‘the Prince of this world’ around us, we ought to reign as ‘kings’ and priests.

In this month of July and onwards, the Almighty God will establish His promise and cause us to manifest indeed as kings and priests unto him on earth in Jesus name.