February 2016 Theme – Fame That Spread

Fame can be defined as the state of being known or recognised by many people because of one’s achievements, skills, talents, etc. It can also mean to be of good repute, in favour, well regarded or highly esteemed in life.

It is good to be famous in what one does as this will increase one’s recognition in their chosen field; make one to be easily accepted everywhere; make people to give heed to what one has to say; make one to have easy followership; increase the influence or impact one possesses over their area of operation and also bring honour to one’s mentor.

Interestingly, God wants His children’s fame to spread. Jesus taught His disciples and even the multitude to have the mentality of been famous and renown for good (as salt and light), so that the world will know about their Father who is in Heaven and as such will be able to give the glory due to His name (Mathew 5:13-16).

It wasn’t surprising therefore that Jesus fame did spread in His lifetime. The teachings and the deeds of Jesus made His fame to spread quickly throughout His country, so that He was able to make great impact in just 3 1/2 years of ministry! (Mark 1:21-28; Luke 4:14-15). Many people thus believed that He came from God and gave due glory to God – His Father.

A very powerful and practical way of evangelising for God is for the fame of we His children to spread. The extent of the coverage of our fame will directly aid the extent of the knowledge of God.

So from this month of February and beyond, God wants our fame to spread throughout our region. He wants us to rely on His Spirit to help us and He wants us to make ourselves more ‘visible in good deeds and words’ where we are. May God increase our recognition as individuals and as a body in Jesus name.