December 2022 Theme: Jehovah – My Hiding Place

December 2022 Theme: Jehovah – My Hiding Place

A hiding place is simply a place where someone is hidden or can be hidden. Someone or something can be hidden for a number of reasons. Some of which are:

  • To be kept from danger or harm;
  • To be preserved for later use;
  • To retain present condition or attributes;
  • To allow tomorrow’s generation know about the thing;
  • To encourage or inspire a greater comeback when that thing is next revealed; etc.

God has a way of hiding His people, usually to keep them from danger and the prying eyes of the evil ones. He can also hide them to first become matured, until a due time when they are then revealed as a showpiece.

King David was someone that God kept in His hiding place (Psalms 32:7). Though anointed as King of Israel at about 17 years of age, he was hid by God in the fields, caves, trenches, strongholds, etc, until such a time when he was revealed as the King of Judah at 30 years of age, and subsequently as the King of Israel at 37 years old (I Sam. 16:1-13; 2 Sam. 2:1-11; 2 Sam. 5:1-5).

David used his mouth to always attest, testify and appreciate that Jehovah was His hiding place (Psalm 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 119:114).

David also made it possible for us to know that one can dwell in the secret place of God. He further enumerated several benefits that come from hiding in God’s secret place (Psalm 91:1-16).

Prophet Isaiah also prophesied of Jesus Christ that God the Father has made Him as ‘a sharp instrument’, blessed Him with sharp and precise speeches, and has also hid Him in the hollow of His hands, so that no evil could befall Him, till His assignment was finished (Isaiah 49:1-2; Mt. 2:13-23; Luke 4:16-30).

It was the same Jehovah that hid Noah, his wife, his three sons and his son’s three wives in the Ark for over 370 days, away from the flood that wiped all other creatures of God away. They were asked by God to reveal themselves from the Ark only when the danger had completely gone (Gen. 7:1-16; 8: 13-20).

It was the same Jehovah that hid Prophet Elijah at the Brook of Cherith during a sore famine, where he was being fed twice a day with bread and meat from heaven brought by ravens. When the waters of Brook Cherith was drying up, Elijah was later hidden in a widow’s house in Zarephath to be fed till the famine was over (I Kings 17:1-16).

In this last month of the year, God is reassuring us that He will be our “Hiding Place”. He will hide us from all evil, danger, and harm. He will preserve our lives for a glorious tomorrow. He will help us retain our present adorable qualities and attributes. He will also grant us greater exposure in the new year and further subsequent years ahead.

May the zeal of the Lord God – Jehovah our Hiding Place perform all these and more blessings in our lives and in our midst in Jesus mighty name.