December 2014 Theme – Latter Blessings

The bible talks about former glory and latter glory. It also talked about former rain and latter rain. Just like the latter rain is more crucial to the fruit development and ripening; so also is the latter glory is more crucial for a greater showcase than the former glory.

Blessings are what we all pray for and strongly desire from God. However, God blessings can come in a number of ways:

While some people are blessed early in life and that singular blessing is maintained throughout their lives; some others are blessed in their early lives only, without the understanding or the power to maintain what they had. In other cases, some are blessed at the later part of their lives only; while some received an early blessing first and a top up of a later blessings as well.

In Job 1:1-22, the bible talked about Job as a perfect and upright man, a man who feared God and hated evil. He was blessed in his early years by God, with the permission of God however, the devil stole everything he had, except his life. But having endured the temptation and hardship, God blessed his latter life more than his former. He was given twice as much as he had before and long life to enjoy his latter blessings (Job 42:10-17).

God has blessed us from the beginning of this year. He has preserved those blessings thus far. As we approach the last month of this year, God intends to grant us latter blessings (a top up), that will essentially be greater than the ones we have received from the beginning of the year.

This December therefore, we will enjoy greater peace, greater joy, greater comfort, greater increase and greater prosperity. God says He has reserved the ‘best wine’ for us in this last month of 2014. So shall it be in Jesus name.