Human instinct always suggests to us that there is something special at the ‘other side’. So we always try to peep and even jump over in order to find out what the other side offers. This could be explained by a popular saying, ‘The grass is always greener at the other side’. Sometimes the other side offers elevation and fulfilments; at other times however, the journey to the other side can be regretful except it was initiated by God.

In Luke 8: 22-25, one day Jesus told His disciples that they should go to the other side of Lake Galilee. On reaching the middle, a storm arose that troubled the boat to the extent that they almost drown. Jesus then spoke to the wind and the sea to be calm and it was so!

A careful study of the passage shows that the reason why Jesus risked the life of everyone was only to deliver a man who his case seems to have gone out of hand and to show His supremacy over nature. The man has been written off as a totally unredeemable case. Jesus set him free, commission him to become an evangelist and came again to this side of the lake.

There is therefore deliverance, peace, honour, amazement, commissioning and testimonies at the other side prompted by God. These and many other blessings are promised by God for us in this month of December and beyond as we heed His call to work for and walk with Him. Anyone among us going through a ‘rough wind and wave’ will this month receive peace and calm in Jesus name.