In the Month of Chislev (December), the news came to Nehemiah that the remnant of the Jews in Jerusalem are in great affliction and reproach; the walls of the Holy City has been broken down and the gates have been burnt with fire!

This made Nehemiah to be sad, he wept and mourned for certain days and then fasted and prayed to God (Neh. 1: 1-10).

So in the Month of Nisan (April) as Nehemiah served the king of Babylon his wine, God gave him favour that the king pledged to finance the whole repairs of the walls and gates of Jerusalem. He equally gave him security and notes for assistance from neighbouring countries (Neh. 2: 1-10).

However, when Nehemiah got to Jerusalem, he was met with stiff oppositions from different groups around the locality: Arabians, Ammonites, Ashdodites, etc. They tried every effort to disrupt the work to no avail (Neh. 4, 5, 6 & 7).

When the walls were completed and the gates erected, Nehemiah and all the Jews were overwhelmed with great joy. They gathered their priests together, appointed singers and had a great celebration! (Neh. 12: 27-47).

This month of December, the Almighty is promising us a time of overflowing joy. The Lord will bring to an end all affliction and reproach we might have sustained from January. He will also frustrate all the plans and efforts of our oppositions in Jesus name.