In II Chronicles 14: 1-15, the Bible makes us to know that in the era of reign of King Asa of Judah, the land of Judah rested from wars, raiders and assailants for quite some time.

During his time, King Asa and his people were able to embark on construction works: they built cities, erected fenced walls, raised towers, and as well were able to put gates and bars along the walls.

More so, in all that Judah set out to do at King Asa time, they indeed prospered.

This month of December, by the power and the might of the Almighty God, everything that is causing your mind to be agitated will be dealt with in Jesus name.

Whatever is opposing your progress will be laid to rest by the Spirit of the Living God.

By the end of December, God would have also given this Church a time of rest in particular areas where we are presently faced with challenges.

He will also provide us with an atmosphere to build and to prosper in Jesus name.