I have found out from knowledge and experience that people get injured or killed in life more from panic than incidences that they perceived might have occurred.

In Exodus 14: 10-31, God has sent Moses to the Children of Israel that He was taking them out of captivity. To make the people believe, God gave Moses some signs and wonders to do. So the people believed.

However, after Moses delivered the message of God to Moses, one would think that things would automatically take shape. But it became worse. The Israelites were no longer given straws to make bricks and they were to make the same numbers as before.

After God rained down some plaques on the Egyptians, Pharaoh allowed them to go, but only to go after the Israelites as they approached the Red Sea.

Seeing the Egyptians behind them, big water in front of them, and mountains on their sides, the Israelites began to panic and became fearful. They were trapped, they thought.

Thank God for a great leader as Moses, in the pandemonium that ensued, he cried out to over a million people without a P.A system, “Stand still and see the salvation of The Lord”.

At the time Moses made the declaration, he did not know how that salvation will come. Surprisingly, when God spoke, it was with something Moses had that the salvation came from – the Rod.

– Tell the people to move forward! Shocking statement!

– Your means of salvation is closer to you. Stand still and see the salvation of The Lord.

The Israelites crossed over the Red Sea, their enemies, formerly a great army, floated as dead bodies on the water. The Israelites would blame themselves for panicking and saying wrong things to Moses and God at the heat of the moment.

– You are crossing over in Jesus name.

– May your problems become helpless before your very eyes in Jesus name.

In I Samuel 17: 24-32, the Children of Israel went to war against the Philistines. When they got to the war front however, they became fearful and began to panic. The war was not going to be fought by all the troops, but one soldier to represent each nation.

The representative of the Philistine was a giant war veteran called Goliath. No one could withstand him. For forty days he tormented the Israelites with fear, cursing the Living God and feeling cool.

David – a teenager sent by his father to check the well being of his brothers at war appeared on the scene and declared “Let no man’s heart fail because of him. Your servant will go and fight against this Philistine”.

So it happened that on that day, the Israelites stood still and saw the salvation of The Lord.

– What appeared to be cursing your God?

What is mocking your trust in God?

Is anything making your heart to jump?

– I come to you as small as I am in the name of Jesus and declare, Let your heart be still. You will surely see the salvation of God.


In Mark 4:35-41, after Jesus has taught the multitude from the boat, He asked the disciples to let them go to a quiet place to rest. But alas, on their way, they faced a greater challenge. Storm arose to overturn their boat. Jesus however address the storm and declared, “Peace! Be still!”

– Are you trying to escape a little challenge and seem to have been hit by a greater storm? I prophesied peace into that situation in Jesus name.

May you enjoy the calmness from God in Jesus name.


In Num 14:1-10, Moses asked 12 leaders to go and spy the Promised Land. Sadly, 10 of them came back with very demoralising report. Only 2 came back with though the real picture, however with encouraging words. The statistics was bad.

Panic overwhelmed the people! Fear was rife! The whole camp was wailing in tears! Blasphemy was all over! The murdering of Caleb and Joshua was imminent. Amidst that pandemonium, Caleb and Joshua raised their voices and shouted, “Only do not rebel against The Lord”, and do not fear the people, for they are bread for us”.

– How many people are afraid of bread?

If you fear what God had delivered into your hands, you become a rebel against God.

Do not fear the tangible things you see. Put your trust in the supernatural God and see His salvation in your life.

– Is there any Christian or leader telling you tales that is making you to be afraid? Turn deaf ear to such a person. Shift your camp from such a dangerous person, before you become a rebel.

– The younger Israelites still entered the Promised Land because Moses interceded, but the rebellious adults died in the wilderness. You will not die on your way to your Promised Land in Jesus name.


Psalm 46:1-10

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  1. Almighty Father, enforce your rest upon my life in Jesus name.
  2. Almighty Father, trouble all my troublers in Jesus name.
  3. Almighty Father, let my lie down by ‘still waters’ and ‘green pastures’ throughout my lifetime in Jesus name.
  4. Almighty Father, bring me into Your covenanted blessings for my life in Jesus name.
  5. Almighty Father, let no power be able to disturb my peace ever again in Jesus name.