Unrequested can be defined as unsolicited; unsought; unasked; unprompted; etc. While blessing can be defined as a special favour; mercy or benefit from God.

The bible makes us to know that we need to ask God for things in order to receive; we would need to seek in order to find; and we would need to knock on ‘doors’ in order for them to be opened (Matthew 7:7).

As a matter of emphasis, the scripture actually says that certain things we desire do not manifest because we fail to ask (James 4:2).

The bible is filled with people that desired something from God and therefore besought Him earnestly. The stories of the woman with the issue of blood and Bartimaeus that was blind readily come to mind. They sought the attention of God and they were successful (Luke 8:43-48Mark 10:46-52).

On the other hand, the bible also records certain people that got unrequested blessings from God. In Luke 7:11-17, the bible mentioned a widow that was just sorrowfully going to bury her only son. Without calling unto Jesus for help; Jesus was moved with compassion, beckoned to them, touched the stretcher and asked the dead man to get up! What a surprise joy for the widow and her mourners!

God has impressed it upon my spirit that some of us will enjoy unprompted blessings in this month of August and the remaining segment of the year. God is prepared to bless us with surprising joy and exhilaration.