April 2017 Theme – Amazing Ascension

April 2017 Theme – Amazing Ascension

Amazing can be defined as something that causes great surprise, wonder or astonishment. Ascension on the other hand can be defined as the act or process of ascending, climbing, rising or soaring.

While it is usual for people to rise and climb the ladder of life, it is however not common for people to climb such ladder in an amazing and astonishing way positively. The astonishment of such climbing could be as a result of the speed at which it happened; or the magnitude of the rise.

The way David’s life started did not appear to be in anyway promising. While valiant men of his time were enlisted into the military and others engaged in special enterprises, David was to be a sheep keeper. God however saw that David would equally do well as a people keeper, so a Divine plan was put in place for him to be anointed as the next king of Israel.

As evil spirits began to torment king Saul, it was advised that a good singer be sought to play for the king, so the evil spirits could leave him. David’s name was mentioned and Saul made a request of him to his father – Jesse.

What an amazing ascension it was for David. From staying on the open fields under the elements, he moved to staying in the palace. From standing in front of sheep to standing in front of King Saul. From singing before sheep, to singing before a king. From carrying stick to defend the sheep to carrying armour to defend the king! (I Sam 16: 1-21).

This month of April and beyond, God has earmarked us as candidates of amazing ascension. We will be promoted from ‘toiling in the fields’ to ‘patrolling in the palace courts’; from standing before ‘sheep’ to standing before ‘kings’. May these be our portion in Jesus name.